Pop Migration

  • I would very happy to see population immigrate from province to province.

    currently working on a project lie this, where population that cant feed themselves emmigrate.

    If population can migrate through open borders that would be fun.

    I beleive this would allow players to take an easier approach, and force warrior players to plan economically before engaging war<
    and as an added bonus, it may require two warring parties to settle for peace which is always fun. (IMO):evil::saint:

  • it does change the entire flow of the game. Production is based on population, to keep especially the start map balanced bytro decided to give each province 4million people. This feature would require a lot of testing and balancing to be introduced. It also would require population growth/decrease battles would cause civilian victimes it increased the unbalance created by raiding nations. If you look at Atwar they do have something simular (growth/reduce not migration) it seems like an very complex thing to add to supremacy which also alters the playing of S1914 (too?) heavily

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  • How about, everyday, a tiny amount of population moves to neighbouring tiles, (possibly 100%morale has no emmigration?)

    high morale province get a larger "share" of emmigrating population.

    This way, the population migration is a set number or percentage, and a quick calculation is done depending on neighbouring province morale how many immigrants go to each province?

    Perhaps if province having a harbor it will attract populatuion from overseas?

    ½½ What i like
    - peace treaties are fun
    - reward peaceful stock market players, allowing them to be powerful without risking corruption inefficientcy
    - warmongers need to plan ahead

    ½½What i dont like
    - possible balance issues
    - less noob friendly