Suggestions to improvements on the Mobile UI

  • Hey. I have some ideas in regards to improvements of the tablet and mobile interface of the game. I was really happy when I found Supremacy in the AppStore a few weeks ago, since it literally made me able to play the game again. However I found the app to be quite clunky and it certainly affects the playability of the game. I also invited a friend to join me on my adventures who were brand new to the game, and the interface isn’t very intuitive in that regard.

    First of all, when you’re selecting a big army, then I think you should be able to toggle a “show” button next to the unit image Where all you units in the group are listed. Within the “show” you will get all the battle stats, like power, damage etc.. This is very important knowledge and can influence your decisions.

    There’s a globe on the top right side where your can toggle in and out of the map, along with an activity button. Use the same are below to set up hotkeys.

    - When in multiple army selection mode, disable the ability to toggle provinces. We only want to select armies when you’re in that mode. Toggling a province deselect all your armies, that you’ve tapped on.

    - increase the scale when building a harbor. Right now it’s very easy to miss lick where you want to build your harbor. Make it easier to tap the right location. This can be solved by appointing the harbor location a number, then you select the number on the top right side, listed from top to bottom.

    I would like to have an option to “select all armies on screen”. Since we can’t use a mouse cursor to select units, it would be great to have the ability to select all units on screen option. then we go straight into “multiple army select mode” and deselect those we don’t want to toggle. Same option would be very helpful for “select provinces on screen”, particularly in the late game. The selections could be listed below the activity bell.

    With the multiple select mode, you can actually remove the “split” that occurs when you’re trying to select units in close proximity to one another.

    Allright, I hope theese suggestions are taken into consideration.

    Have a good day

    (I’m not uploading screenshots due to the limitation of 1.5 MB.. My screenshot that I drew on, where not eligible)

  • Also, would like to add: Instead of “long taps” for multiple province selection, i would like the “short tap, then add a selection to add province, and just short tap around to add the provinces to your selection” this will make it easier to multiple select provinces across the board.

  • I recently bought a laptop as I'm working from home at the moment during this COVID-19 situation. I have also switched my gameplay to PC after seeing how much better the game is in comparison to mobile.

    My understanding of the game would have never gotten to this level because there are several elements of the game which are not shown on mobile, including the influencing factors for province morale.

    If everything could be added to mobile I reckon more people would keep playing as they would find it easier to gain more knowledge and compete against experienced users. Some exceptions are there of course, but there's definitely benefit in adding it.

    Alliance: March of the Wolves
    Role: Officer


    Gold Rush (500p): 1 (coalition)
    World in Flames (100p): 1 (coalition)
    Team up (100p): 1
    Supremacy 1914 (31p): 1 (coalition)
    [Tutorial] The Great War (31p) 1 (coalition)