Faster Maps More Frequent

  • Me and a bunch of friends are really enjoying playing supremacy on the x4 speed. The normal x1 speed is just far far to slow for us to enjoy the game.

    We think there is a problem with only having x4 map speed commonly available with just the [Tutorial] Great War's, unfortunately these maps always consist of 80%+ inactive players which is so frustrating! We really want to be able to play 100+ player map on x4 speed!

    Why not allow faster map types to be created with a x4+ option? Or alternatively have a calendar available for when certain events become active so we know when a desired game type will be available?

    I think you may be losing players because of not having this option available. Several of my friends have started playing less already ?(

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  • Keep a watch out (new games) and advertisements.... Bytro does event maps that are 6x and even 10 x speed, I have seen more of the event map scenario's in the 100's and 500's recently... they will cause you to lose sleep :P


    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

  • I enjoy both regular speed and 4x speed. In the fast games, sometimes too much can happen while I'm afk so I avoid them when I'm busy. I would like to see more fast games than are available now.

  • I guess I probably is the only one here who is really young but prefer slow games. I have enough patience.

    Faster speed games sometimes ruin our joy. Anyway, my personal thoughts.


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  • which happens how often i havent seen any sped up maps besides tutorial which everyone quits

    Depending on what speed you'd consider sped up enough. If you haven't seen those yet, then you were not looking for long.
    Of course those are available as weekly events and therefore not all the time.

    Here's event speed data from 2020 to give you some idea what to expect, but 2021 might be a little different. Also a disclaimer. Those are only averages so sometimes you can get a streak of speed games and sometimes there is a streak of slower games. Good luck and have fun. :)

    Speed % of weeks Happens on average
    1x speed or faster 100% of weeks Each week obviously
    2x speed or faster 77% of weeks Each week, but with a gap about once a month
    4x speed or faster 55% of weeks About each second week
    6x speed or faster 19% of weeks Almost each 5th week. Just under once a month
    10x speed event 8% of weeks About once in 3 months