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  • Hello all,

    I know when you first play the supremacy game, you need to register for an account, which you have to create a password and a username. I'm not sure if there is any rule for creating a username. But from what I saw in the game, there is none. Recently, I saw a player named (account) "Adolf Erwin" when he first showed up in global chat. And I have also seen some players name themselves by using some sensitive words. If there's none rule for creating usernames, my question is do we need one? It would be a filter if we have the rules. Detect the sensitive words. When the player wants to use that word, a sentence showed up on the screen beside their names, saying something like "please change the username due to sensitive words..." (Something like this) That would be better.

    The second thing I want to talk about is the chatting rules (both global chat and help chat). Currently, we don't have anything like a bulletin board full of rules. My suggestion is to make a poster or something similar, and write the specific and strict rules on it, then put it beside the chat area, so that the players can check it anytime and knowing what can be said or what cannot be said. I understand this is hard to do, but if you don’t, I see some players speaking sensitive words in the chat channel. Another method is programming the system to let the machine automatically detect these sensitive and bad words. Once a player posted these words, the machine immediately replaces them with "XX".

    I know this game has many moderators, game operators and administrators, but there is no guarantee that at least one mod supervise at any time. Recently, I saw some players mentioned "Hitler" (sorry I said here) in the chat. I know the game is under strict German laws, so mentioning "Nazi" (sorry again) words is a violation of the rules. Although I am not a moderator yet, I have to pretend to be a deputy moderator (because there are no MODs or GOs online at that time) to warn them. I know this is wrong and I should not do it another time because I already get warning from LightingTurk once, I apologize here. Hope you guys can understand me. Thank you.

    (Btw, actually I'm not good at English, so if there's anything above that you can't fully understand, my apologize. You could ask me anytime on details, I will try my best to reply to you in one hour.)

    Thank you for taking time to read my message,


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  • To answer your first question about user names.
    When you sign up and are suppose to read ToS. It states this
    "4.5 During the registration process for the game, the Participant chooses a user name under which he will be registered as a Participant of the game. It is strictly prohibited to chose a name with content which is pornographic, racist, inciteful, glorifies war and/or violence, offensive or otherwise illegal. Breach of this clause entitles Bytro Labs to immediately exclude the Participant from the game."

    Answering your second question is we do have chat rules listed here

    Chat Rules - Rules - Supremacy - ForumThe chat does have a filter system in place but one can not filter all words. A lot of the chat rules are enforced in games as there is no real differences.

    Concerning your last statement is that its best to not deputy mod as you will also be adding to the existing problem. The best way of doing so is to report such content and to avoid further complications.

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  • Thank you Edwylm for details explanations. I understood.

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