Friendly fire?

  • Hello.

    My coalition members and I had in last few days some bug. Our nations just start war with friendly nations. Few times in ocean and also on land. Is this bug for legacy mode only?


  • could you describe the situation, what was happening, did someone miss click a attack order, or change relation status.

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  • If you have High Command and are using "Aggressive Fire Control" it will fire on anyone except Coalition mates, even someone you have share maps with...

    New Offensive fire control button was fix for the Aggressive fire control issue some months back.

    If this is not issue then perhaps a 'bug"?


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  • So I gathered a bit info. 3 cases so far.

    Firs member said -

    I have no idea, I was offline. When I logged in to check on the troops, they were already attacking former ally forces. According to DE I attacked him, which of course I had not done. We made peace by accepting a share map offer.Even though peace was established, our relations updated, the same with the paper where the usual article appeared, markets open again etc.. some of the sea travelling troops kept on fighting. After a while a new article popped up in the paper that DNG attacked me. And war continued.

    Other one, had same when he was offline, what I could see, his single arty was at AI range and its could start war.

    And to me, coalition member left, cos went inactive. At first hours when he went inactive I had right on the way, I sent in troops to take positions to take over at morning. I logged in and I was at war with that nation.

    Will keep updating if something similar will happen.


  • Maybe your popularity is low and the AI declared wra on u or teh Ai of your former Ally stopped RoW with u

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  • ok global popularity at 40% is bad so the AI might have changed its settings and your autofire mode for art acted on that change..

    one thing you really have to keep in mind when using autofiremode...this can happen easily if your popularity is bad..