AI switch off button

  • Hello

    It happens very often to people you need to go somewhere and you cannot attend game or event to long. In that case you plan defense and hope for the best. Unfortunately AI taking over country is not the best and shreds your units into pieces in mindless charges so when you come back you have to rebuild your whole army hoping that you still have any units left

    I wondered if there is and option to switch off AI so your armies stay in defensive formation you have left - if we can make if gold future / part of HC for testing purposes that would be something

    alternatively gold ability to lock certain stacks in place without possibility to charge or chase enemy would be good idea

    I also noticed that AI doesn't seem to have offensive fire but rather Return fire option which limits it's possibility to fight properly with range weapons. Changing that to could help AI lead troops to survive longer

  • well, I have no idea how many years it will take so I would simply prefer to leave my country in the def set up I created. I know there is HNR but still prefer to keep my defensive set up than to hand army to elite AI. In one speed map AI killed my armies 10 times charging with arts against 5 lvl forts and RGs which is below any logic: hundreds of arts , ACs, cavs, thousands of infs and almost 400 tanks lost because of AI went into my stats from only one game

    I do believe standing in place as I left armies would be much more adventegous

  • once more in my 4* speed map i went afk because of RL and AI mindlessly destroy work of 1000 days sending everything in mindless charge against forts lvl5 BSes and RGs

    please add option to switch off AI control if we are going afk and do not want our country to be destroyed by AI management

    and if you cannot add that button add to Elite AI any kind of defensive logic because now elite AI only knows how to attack and waste all resources on that