Double Artillery Shots in 1 Tick

  • I send out 1 infantry towards enemy artillery. After the enemy artillery fired its shot and killed the 1 infantry, I move up my artillery to shot at the enemy artillery within the 60-minute tick and escape. Theoretically, the enemy artillery should not shoot back but it did.

    Perhaps the program has been changed to give 2 shots within a certain window period where this 60-minute tick is not applicable or that the enemy artillery is placed under Return Fire mode?

    Anyone knows?

  • This is how it has been for some time now. I think the change occured quite some time ago. And it can also fire more than 2 shots.

    This is also how other ranged units (ships, railguns) work now.

    Edit to add: I feel that it can sometimes be a bad tactic to send single infantry to feed enemy artillery stacks. This is because the enemy stack will gain ~1-2% morale for each single-infantry stack they kill. How detrimental it is depends a lot on the composition of the enemy stack. If they have 1000 infantry in the artillery stack, then it is very detrimental. If the stack is mostly artillery and has little infantry, then the effect of this is negligible.

    Any sufficiently advanced tactic is indistinguishable from magic to the uninitiated.

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  • 2nd arty shot (same Battle tick) is actually one minute after arty kills last unit you had targeted usually need Offensive fire control for this to happen, since todays update I can see it happening with range units firing automatically even when you do not have High Command


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