Right of way to war shouldn't be allowed.

  • It's happened to me twice now and I think it should be something that the developers could look at that would improve the game.

    Ive been in a coalition or working with a partner and we have exchanged right of way.

    Works well for a few days as you team up against someone or another coalition and then suddenly with all your troops engaged or out of the way the other player declares war on you and their troops stationed in your provinces take them all in seconds and you cant recover.

    Is there anyway that developers can put a time lock on this similar to joining and leaving a coalition where if a player has right of way and then cancels it they can attack the player for x amount of hours?

    Otherwise the trust element and teamwork is ruined while this tactic is allowed to continue.

  • I'm sorry to hear that you've been subject to this but it's true both in life and in this game. Be careful of who you trust.

    In this game, my trust goes First with my girlfriend who also plays the game, then I trust my Alliance mates because we would NEVER go against each other. ALL others have to EARN my trust in any match.

  • Backstabbing is common in this game, most players are opportunistic to begin with and call it a strategy, however in this community last thing you want is a reputation as a 'backstabber'.

    Probably best to learn from the experience, take the higher road and stop joining coalitions simply because some stranger happened to spawn near to you in a map.

    If it happens in a map I share with you , please send me your resources prior to backstabber sacking your capital or your going inactive ;)