Cheating or Goldmarks? Unknown and need help

  • Name: USER13071232

    Game: 4,454,631

    Issue: Not sure if this means anything or not. Not 30min prior to 5:05pm Eastern Standard time, the country of Egypt was AI with a troop level of 10 in the province of Bur Said. 30min later, there are 20 troops and an artillery piece in the province. Now whether the player is using Goldmarks or is cheating I do not know, but we are on DAY 2, and those would be the only 2 options I can see for such an immediate buildup in such a short amount of time. Can this please be looked into?

  • Demonaire

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  • But HOW can troop strength DOUBLE and have an artillery piece that should not even be able to be BUILT yet. Even the tutorials have time limits for building and levels of buldings that can build certain weapon systems

  • Tutorial match, no?


    I appreciate the replay and thank you. I do not see however, that a unit, that needs a building, that can not even be BUILT until day 8 (even in the tutorial games) can even EXIST without a cheat. Can you please explain to me how this can even BE?

  • First time players in the tutorial game get 20 men instead of 10 in each province and 1 free artillery. He joined the game while the country was still not claimed by anyone for the round.