Is splitting stacks to avoid ranged attack damage allowed? How to counter it

  • After months of building my airforce, I'm finally directing it against the enemy, and he splits. My choice is between bombing a lonely infanrty, or return to base (no chance to redirect).

    How can this be realistic? Not to mention fair?

    Is there a way to counteract?

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  • there is, directly after he splits you have a short frame of time where the game allows you to switch the target without returning. this mentioned window is active between few seconds up to few minutes, depending on server response i guess. so if you observe sharply you may redirect.

  • Thanks for the tip, I've just tried it but maybe I wasn't quick enough, I will try again.

    This kind of reinforces the point: in a 500 game you cannot be monitoring so closely each attack, nor you can do it for 24h continuosly.

    Splitting makes bombers next to useless.

    Is anybody aware if there are plans to fix this loophole?