[S1914] Release Notes - 2022-02-22

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    • In order to ease the creation process of newspaper articles for players on mobile, we've reworked the different steps for doing so. From now on you will be able to choose from a variety of preselect news images that fit the setting of Supremacy1914 and reflect different events that could happen in your game.
    • The event of day change in games created after today's update will no longer happen at 00:00 CET. Instead the ingame day change is tied to the moment a game was created. This ensures a full 24 ingame hours have to pass before the 1st day of combat is over, which will also have an effect on the dynamic of games, as many critical calculations happen at ingame day change.

    Bug Fixes:

    • A bug was fixed that kept the offensive fire control settings for some units, after a player became active again and took over control from the AI. This led to situations where players without a Premium account were unable to change the fire control setting to the default settings.
    • A bug was fixed that allowed AI controlled aircraft to teleport to their target almost immediately after taking off in some cases, skipping the travel time to the target. Only after their attack did they travel back to base normally.
    • A bug was fixed that would result in push notifications sent to mobile users displaying a wrong unit name, when production of a unit was finished. The displayed names are correct again and match the produced units.
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  • I noticed a bug with the notifications on mobile that included player names or their nations being incorrect as well.

    For example, my ally Norway messaged me and it told me that "Austria" had messaged me in the notification.

  • Suggest Bytro Fix the 15 minute wait time between lvl 1 workshop and lvl 2 workshop , I queue both workshops and barracks at start of a game and barracks started when the lvl 1 workshop was completed bypassing the lvl 2 workshop due to this new Update from Bytro

    I was told this was something to do with maps start also being new day, anyhow now we have 24 hours of 50% mobility , and build queue jumping order of builds

    appreciate some response


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