Better visibility

  • Not sur this is the right place in the forum.

    May be it would be great to be able to see quickly what an army is composed of. For now, i just have a big number with some armoured tank, but i have to click on it to see the exact composition of the army. Or at least showing the inf and the arty, then a number for what's left, keeping it small.

    Also, the flag next to the group are way to big imho, making it even more difficult to understand fastly who is where with what.

    Thanks for reading

  • Hello,

    you could try the "PIN-mode" - click the gears on the top and afterwards the PIN-icon.

    It shows directly the unit types included in the composed unit by simple symbol usage.

    Also the unit position is much better observable.

  • Thank you for this advice. I reposted this in a more accurate thread, with a more complete opinion. May be this thread can be deleted, as all i said here is also said in my new post ^^