Farewell Legacy mode, Farewell Supremacy

  • This is the end. We would have never thought, that this time will arrive. After 7 years of playing its over. Without legacy mode, this isn't the same game as it used to be, so we have no other choice than leaving. I'm really upset what bytro made with this game, along with the new mechanics and the new UI, and how they declined their old veteran's community's will. However, I wish the best to them, and to the whole new community in the followings.


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  • Same. Attempting to finish my current games in this awfull UI where i can barely understand whats going on, but we have to accept it. The new comunity seems to enjoy this, though to be fair most of them never tried legacy anyway. I wish bytro could have kept the 2 modes, im a paying costumer and i feel betrayed despite knowing this would happen eventualy.

    Its time for the old guard to retire, wish better luck to the new comunity.

  • Yep, I have been playing Supremacy since 2014, after they introduced the new UI I tried the game for 2 weeks, I thought I would get used to it, I didnt. Honestly its so bad just looking at a map trying to follow what is happening gives me a headache, with the flashy graphics its 10 times harder to read anything, to see what provinces have what buildings, to see what composes each battalion, its completely unbearable. I have 2 games underway that are going pretty decent but im considering just abandoning them because the new UI is just so bad, it assaults the senses, I really cannot describe without being rude how bad the new UI is, I have no idea why Legacy Mode as an option has been removed, everytime it has been removed people complained, now they have done it again and I dont think they will bring it back.

    For what I have seen in other discord servers/websites people are saying they will stop playing altogether cause they cant stand the new UI. I get it, Bytro put a lot of money and effort into it hurray for them, but why would you intentionally go after the people who choose not to use it? Unless they know its so bad the only way you use it is if they force you to use it which is just wrong.

    The new UI is empirically worst:

    -The 3D graphics although not looking bad, on a strategy game with hundreds of battalions and different troops and vehicles it just looks clustered and really unnecessary. This is the biggest point for me, not only is visibility reduced cause on the map these 3D figures have "priority", the numbers and stats are reduced so when im zoomed out I cant really tell what is where, the numbers are tiny un unclear, the screen is just plagued with this 3D figurines like it was some D&D game, everything is worst with these, selecting/dragging/splitting/low level control is made so much worst and so inconsistent the only way to play seems through multiple clicking and setting paths manually. Just changing these to the way they were before and saving those 3D models for something else would be a huge step foward.

    -The information bar on resources on top is terrible now, I have no idea if its because of font choice, or size, or colour or whatever but I really need to focus my vision to be able to read what material is on surplus and which isnt. The replacement of decimal points with "k" (ie 4000 = 4k) just looks wrong and doesnt give me an exact number of the resources I have unless I hover my mouse over it. For some reason they also added a ton of garbage that wasnt there before, like your country's name and flag, your picture, your level, your game progress, why is it so clustered, why is it all on the same bar, I know its for "simplicity" but its so bad. The new graphics for the materials look good though, although again, this attempt at "smooth graphics" really makes it hard to look at for a prolonged time, the one for coal is specially terrible, really an example of less is more, old icons were super simple but they were easy to understand and were "descriptive". Also with the new way they made it, when you have any production go over 1k surplus it just bugs out and looks even worst.

    -The information bar on politics (messages, coalitions, etc) is super bad, for some reason its to the left which has no reasoning behind it and its just annoying to get used to, the new "minimalistic" same colour icons again are terrible and less intuitive and easy to use compared to the old ones. The message tab looks better, I liked the old simple one more but the new one is good. Same can be said for newspaper and market, although again, that colour pallete for the blue/red/weird grey-ish blue really makes it harder to read. Also there is a lot of garbage, tons of notifications spam which is incredibly annoying. Specially since you have that big ugly chat thing at the bottom which no one uses but you cant get rid of it.

    -The map, oh my god, the map. When I first saw the new UI I thought it was like some april fools or something because the new map looks so bad it really makes me abandon the game everytime I look at it. The colour pallete looks diluded, less bright and just worst in general, its just plain bad, with soft edges and puked over colours the game is hard to look at and hard to easily tell what is what. This is the second biggest point. Plus the smooth map combined with the "smooth" armies it honestly gives me a migrane just trying to move my troops around.

    EDIT: Also the new buildings on the map are impossible to see, ports, railroads, factories, are just not as visible which is also a big point, the new mini 3D models are trash and completely invisible.

    These are just some points but I really cant put into words how bad it is, I know Bytro worked hard for a new UI cause I admit the old one is just well, old, but it doesnt mean it isnt better, it is better, at least for a ton of players who have been playing this game for years and have been slapped in the face with being forced to use this, and im sorry, garbage UI. I dont want to have to pay the price for their mistakes, if people like the old UI more they should be able to use it like they have been for the last couple of years, I dont know why remove it now, but with so many posts saying people will stop playing, like yours truly, I hope the impact in playerbase makes them do the right decision. Just bring it back, the new UI is so bad I just want to stop playing but I have 2 ongoing games.

    Although I love Supremacy 1914, as I said, I have been playing it for many years, if im forced to look at this terrible UI seems like im gonna have to stop playing, it really is that bad.