Building construction time at the start of the game

  • Hello,

    Following the new update, the construction time of a building depends on the morale of the province.

    So when I launch day 8 a level 1 factory under construction on my capital, the factory under construction will therefore take less than 2 days to end.

    Except that I still have to wait until day 10 to start building my level 2 factory. So the advantage of producing a factory faster thanks to morale is not an advantage at the beginning.

    Is that really how you had planned things?

    I can't help but see this as a clumsiness on your part.

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  • there are still things being worked on by bytro and supremacy staff themselves as youve seen theres already been one update adjusting things to make for a better game. Next a completed factory level one you can produce artys and lcs which take the same resources it takes to build a factory so that extra time gives you time to save resources and or build another workshop in another province or if you desparately need a fort started in said province you can in a faster amount of time. Last no reason to trash the staff and claim clumsiness its very hard work they do and they are open to suggestions but insults are unreasonable make a suggestion here or discord

  • The advantage there is that you can start your first artillery before the beginning of day 10, so you get an extra few hours on the unit's construction. The relevance isn't just on day 8, 10, 12, etc, but further down the line, when you have your level 4 factories and are producing artillery faster than one per province per day.