Cavalry - why are they so unpopular?

  • I've always been a big fan of cavalry over armored cars. For one, they don't use precious iron and oil that you need for your artillery or navy, and two, they're great for offense. And we already have something that's great for defense, forts! So with all this being said, how come they're so unpopular? I see maybe 1-10 countries I play with/against use armored cars instead of cavalry. Personally I love them, I keep building them all game long so long as I have the grain to support the barracks.

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  • I personally use them for each march i have. They are really good at killing infantry while an armor car is really good for defense (its like a walking fort early game). Also in my opinion the reason why a lot of people don't care much for them is because an armor car counters them pretty easy. If you can catch a stack of infantry by there self Calvary will walk all over them :D

  • well Calaveries are actually not used by new players because they require barracks which requires grains And some of them think it requires alot of time to make them . Instead, They prefer Armored Cars because they don't know how precious is iron and oil in long run.

    I personally use calaveries over Armored Cars but Armored cars have their own importance.

  • Everybody has a different playing style, but skilled players usually use cavalry in the early game. You are correct that they are great for attacking.

    Armored cars offer a great bang for the buck if used properly too as they are great for defending provinces, are the fastest unit in the game, and they recover hit points regardless of the morale of the province in which they happen to be. They are also great for sprinting to provinces and capturing them and allowing the forces coming behind them to move at a faster pace once the province converts to home territory.

    Trust your judgment (as you already are), and use these units to their best advantage and if other players don't, you will have an advantage over them!