Bug: enemy army can pass through my army without engaging.

  • To put it in context, this is North America map, normal speed and I'm fighting an IA. I used my artillery to bait the enemy garrison out of the city and put my 29 stack in between to protect my arties, but they just walked through each other and nothing happened. This is not the first time I had this issue but this time I managed to catch it in time before my artilleries got destroyed.

    I didn't test it thoroughly but after a few incidents my theory is that this only happens when two conditions are met:

    1. The two armies must be moving (if my front line army is stationary they do engage).

    2. Both armies cannot have each other as their objectives (enemy army's objective was my artilleries in the back and my army's objective was a point in the map).

    There's a 2019 thread that I think discusses the same bug but apparently it hasn't been fixed. I already reported this but I want to know if this has happened to someone else.

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  • I had the same today was kinda raging as it took 8 hours to get to the prov to hit and i logged back on thinking i would be ready to walk in to take prov, to my frustration my Arty was gone and my troops had just let them passed without even a sneeze on them, wheres VAR when you need it lol

  • I've had this problem really badly. They even go through me when I'm standing still. I've had to change my whole strategy around this game-breaking issue.

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  • Chat is absolutely full of complaints about this one, by the way. If this is indeed the same "mechanic" that was an issue in 2019, something must have happened to extend it, because at most it was a very fringe occurance in the past.

    Then again, a lot of things have happened since 2019.

  • Yeah this is making the game broken. I’m being told in Premium Chat to just be patient but really the game is not playable like this. Has there been an official statement about this “bug “ yet?

  • Have been having this happen repeatedly in a current game. My front lines are NOT moving.

    Feel like I have to monitor the game 24/7 (which, of course, I cannot). I've watched, realtime, a < 10 stack walk right through my stack (once 1,000+). A couple of times I just attacked them from behind, obliterating them. But if I hadn't happened to have been on line at that time I would have lost another stack of Arty.
    The crappiest bit is that at first it always happened when I was asleep. Now I am afraid to do to much unless I know I will be there to nursemaid.
    It is unplayable relative to the way it is supposed to work.

  • was told in game to come here to voice my bug issues.. I like many are having the same issues with 0 response from anyone that matters that I can see. Like most posts they seem to fall on deaf ears. funny how they have no problem depositing the money with lightning quick speed but.. please "be patient" is all I'm seeing... typical.. don't expect anything to change anytime soon boys and girls.. cash cow just wants to get fatter!!! save your money!!!

  • I've also been having this bug with both moving and stationary troops. Luckily I've only seen it in one game but it's still breaking the experience.

  • This has happened to me for about a week. I advance infantry, etc. up to the target, and place cannon behind them.

    I log off.

    I log back in and the enemy AI has moved through my infantry force and engaged my cannon or already killed them.

    I keep forgetting this happens. I've lost a lot of cannon during the last week.

    Yesterday I lost all ten of my cannon. It is taking forever to replace them.

  • if it’s not fixed in this coming update I will assume it’s by design to force players to glue to the screen and for that I will delete my account. Fix it. Prove me wrong.