Stormtroopers - coming soon

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    Get ready for a new unit in Supremacy 1914 - The Stormtroopers

    Introduction video on YouTube:

    We are introducing a new unit that will be available with the upcoming Operations. Stormtroopers are insanely fast offensive units and are quite the force! Give them a target and watch it crumble. When teamed up with Infantry for cover, they can clear out enemy fortifications.


    The Stormtroopers will come with a new deployment mechanic. They can not be produced like a traditional unit, but instead will be deployed via new unit cards. Unit cards will be available as a reward for advancing through Operations. Besides the new unit, participating in Operations will also reward you with other units already existing in Supremacy 1914 and various kinds of reward cards. Those are Booster Cards which will shorten the time of production and construction, and Resource Cards which will grant you additional resources. These cards will all be stored in your inventory and we will talk about them later.


    Watch out for our next update on December 19th and make sure you start completing Operations for getting Stormtroopers and other rewards.

    Your Bytro Team

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  • Is this a joke? I came back to the game, out of curiosity, and somehow you are attempting to milk it even harder? Who asked for this? We already have plenty of p2w. This is a strategy game, not who can hoard cards the best before using them.