Moving ports

  • Hello this one is disscused since 10 years

    it is about ports- queue building build ports in some crazy locatiosn, AIs do the same, same goes for certain type of players.

    problem is that if you conquer such a province you can not do anything with that.

    so my solution is simple- codding destruction of the buidling could be tricky so what about

    "port removal" - which allows you to place port in a new area after lets say 1 day of building and for 2 k wood. it is basaically costs of moving infrastructure and peopel from one place to another.

  • Clearly unrealistic.

    Besides, it's still the option to ask somebody to hire military saboteurs or to bombard that city to destroy that port.

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  • I agree that it's pretty unrealistic.

    I do understand the wish to move a port. But this rarely ever happend. The costs to rebuild the harbor somewhere else would be enormous.

    It was once a choice not to implement such button/option which destroys your own buildings.

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