Quick Historical Map 4 - singlehanded victory on day 12th

  • Got stuck with some fake players who joined game and hoped for someone else to win a map. What they did not know is they will not get medal.

    It turned out that only AH was playing on enemy side but As I did not know that I planned against 3 enemy players.

    First muster huge cav army and push it between Cracow and Lemberg to hit undefended double provinces below. Got lucky as AH went into ar with Italy bot and bot was relentless.

    Then it was easy going into undefended soft german underbelly . Problem is however different. As the only player active in this round as a attacking side - i was getting wars from AI every single day after I attacked second enemy- Germany.

    It proves that bytro mechanic for elite AI bots in such a case is completely obsolete and needs so polishing as you are forced to Ł

    1. not wage any wars

    2.wages wars as quickly as possible to get coalition points ASAP

    Both ways are not fun at all and I would suggest that one of the gameplay designers would have a look at that issue in small maps.

  • never leave your border open with elite AI they will go attack, in some case even lvl 4 they will go for they attack. I had on map that both lvl 4 forts were attack by the elite AI

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  • yeah that part is broken

    you just attacked 2 guys in the whole game and you are the top worst leader in the whole map

    I believe there is no consideration if you have popularity 21 or 89 - as long as you are the worst you will be still attacked.

    I always though system is better programemd so you need to pass certain line of ie below 25 popularity to be targeted by AIs and it really takes a lot of wars and effort to be the worst leader

    not 2 wars

  • It´s not like that.

    In one of the free for all maps I was the worst for a very long time (most of the map) and none of the elite AI´s attacked me.

    Maybe it was because I had defenses in those borders due to fearing some active players would try to do sneak attack but not a single attack from Elite AI.

  • Did you declare your wars, not declaring wars will make your relations drop heavily. To my personal experience 2 nations without declaring war is enough to trigger them 3-4 when declaring it. Also the relation are based on more then the war efforts. Trade for example can to my knowledge increase relations ones again. The elite AI is however is strange one and not that very well documented how it will react.

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  • one was undeclared as I was caught by austraisn while walking around cracow

    and if enemy troops hits you in enemy territory you are always instigator from what I observe

    still - there should be some nerf to popularity penalties on smaller maps