Airfields immune to GM bombing

  • Hello

    I wanted to ask game devs to make Airfields immune to GM bombing

    lately I had couple of situations that only prove how unprepared GM system is for plane use

    so lets start

    case no 1. I have 90 % of my resources invested in planes. That was basically my army. They were on a patrol in the second line away from art fire and enemy planes. we were guarding n africa from invasion from spain. what enemy did was he started to destroy airpots in certain order in the middle of the night so in the end the only avalaible airfield was next to his arts. He destroyed that one in the end and planes nicely landed next to his arts. half of my army destroyed because of GMs. without single fight. And as you remember I cannto destroy my own arifields, especially that ones created by other players whom I conquered. it generally meant I lost a war in the begining loosign half and army power and Gibraltar defense position only because of GMs...

    case no 2. I had this very weak opponent with huge army of 1 mln. So i harrased his corps with fighteres and bombers and got him in a narrow alley where he had to approach my planes straight away chased by other armies from behind. Seems easy. I had some Gms ready in case he will destroy airfield. destroying airfield with worksops and officess present it is around 8-12 k GMs. Just in case I had Airfields in 3 close town too. what I did not expect he will destroy airfield in a main t own 50 times in a row effecteviley forcing me to abandon ideal position I have spend around 40 k for rebuilding airfields, h around 600 k GMs to het his army from encirclement. at least 500 k used in a single space of couple of minutes. I was lucky I was able to reposition my planes toother areas but not everyone is so lucky. same here- lost to GM overdose

    case no 3. usign GMs to destroy airfields to push away enemy planes. This happened lately in yet another encirclement when enemy was trying to bypass my planes with GM.s he was headign north to avoid fight with balkan bot. When my planes were returning he destroyed all 10 close airfields but not the neutral airfield. That gave me time to rebuild some of my airfields. nevertheless just before my bombers reached neutral airfield 1 hours from a fight, he GM bombed me again redirecting planes even further from the fight and I lost additional 2 hours flying without any sense or logic only because enemy GMs decided where my planes are going

    Now I understand that Bytro need GMs to support game but - there is no logic in destroying airfields. It is like allowing players with GMs to take away water from opponents who have ships or ground land armies with GMs in one place for longer period.

    what you can do to enemy planes with GMs is just riddiculuous. can someone rethink it and make airfields airfields from being GM bombed.

    Spies , bombardments, melee fight are enough to destroy airfields.

    Thank you

    G F

  • Golden Buddha

    Changed the title of the thread from “Airfields immune to GMspammers” to “Airfields immune to GM bombing”.
  • Was this done from the section of the spy-page "perform instant actions" - and if the action performed from this page always would succed - then I support Golden. Something has to be changed.

    However, if that happend due to massive use of the "military sabotage" then I'm not sure how to handle it. I have not played this game long enough.

  • it depends on how much gold marks you have. with enough GMs you can send planes on the other side of the world or destroy them without single casuality

    I will just mention that planes are the most expensive units in that game and loosing them without a fight is simply wrong

  • once more I have another golden boy

    0 skills, lots of gms

    he had 100 planes against my 12 - alright I prepare for battle and shoot 20 loosing 2.

    after that gm bobs everywhere to destroy factories arifields 500 k gms in like 2-3 hours

    got my remaining 10 planes on the ground as I just did not have time to watch over them every 2 minutes.

    brainless usage of gold to destroy enemy means of movement and then immobilized units without a fight

    very poorly designed gameplay that shows that anyone with enough gold will buy his way to victory not having any skills.

    I urge anyone responsible for for monetization and for gameplay experience to seriously think how messed up this situation is. another map you cannot continue because you have not enough gold to even be able to stand to fight :-)

  • and the guy still spams, and the first thing he does is to GM bombe whole area of conflict including my friendlies and bots....

    now question to bytro- I pay to play this game with HQ, I payed for some troops after he gm destroyed some

    why bytro allows such a person to control my planes, where they go and where they land ?

    this is against any logic and I demand reasonable answer why person with GMs can decide where my planes go and where they land...

  • mate gm is holly your going against something that you can't win.Only think is forget that map start a new one, I have myself 5 500 maps that same happen lost in all 5 250 bombers and around 500 fighter. That is holly and nobody will do something against it. First time it happen I spoken about gm instant a warning bam from the mods. At time I was new player. So only suggest forget that map play a new one since gm user that no skill use pure gm to win are holly player.

    Enforcer(Angel of Death)b78//+

  • they have to do sth at least about teleporting planes

    it cannot be like that that guy with fat wallet is telling my planes where to go and where to land = forces them to land under his tanks or arts

    imagine me using gms to teleport your ships around the sea to different ports or teleporting stacks of army between provinces and immobilizing them.

  • the thing is that he just breaks your airfield in the right order your planes ''emergency land' towards the next active airfield.

    Nonetheless, we still try to work something out with bytro to reduce the effects of heavy GM usage. GM like it is now worked on small maps but the bigger maps and event maps scream for a change, Bobokil is right it's hard to get it to change (we're already trying for I think 2 years now) But bytro has showed willingness to try and work something out.

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  • Understandable if you ask me that would be kinda exploiting. It's indeed a point of discussion if they can 'command' your units in such a way even if by destroying the right airfield

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    Questions about the game? Have a look at the manual and the FAQ's.

    Need game support? Send a ticket or contact the crew.

    Have an idea for the game? Check the BigList.