undesirable player types

  • i was discussing with other players what we called ''gamblers'', players who don't seem to care much about small factors and things they can do to increase chances of success; and maybe thats just rookie behaviour. However some times this was not the case, and we theorised another type of player: The Fisherman.

    the fisherman joins to many games and waits for success. This way the fisherman is always winning and is polluting the population of games.


  • Bit risky to start a topic like this this thread could end up in blacklisting. However you are right you have people that focus on single games and do their best in one or some games. Others join as many games as possible and will win in one and more importantly build in all so their overal profile score jumps up faster then the dedicates user. That is why I never really payed much value at the general score a player is defined by it's K/D's

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  • yeah its just a shame, because what really did it for me with this game was the game population.

    the first 2 weeks are always amazing.

    then the fishermen go to their ''main'' andd wooooahh 200/500.

    is there an echo emoji/??


    but like discussed in monetisation thread, limiting the amount of games or making infinite games HC exclusive could be a step in the right direction. i don't like it, but i wouldn't mind if the ends are justified.

  • Bit risky to start a topic like this this thread could end up in blacklisting.


    The fisherman is probably not keen for the demand for understanding that strategy knowledge and the requirements that midgame/ lategame brings with it is key for surviving longer than 14 days. those guys will stick around, we need to deal with them.:S

  • Why?

    what i said could be interpreted as an attack on certain players who have the right to use the game how they please as long as not breaking rules :*

    but what I'm trying to get at is game population, rather lack of. its no gushing head wound, but effectively makes the games long and tedious, not really worth playing\ /new game/

    and like snowball rolling down hill.. more and more nations go ai ?(


    player vassalage

    i made this post with similar purpose