Best /Worst Use of Gold Marks

  • We have all witnessed many players in our maps use Gold Marks (GM) and I have personally fought many players which seem to have deep pockets. This is not limited to the big 500 and 100 p maps. I have seen new players 'spam' arty and cruisers on day 8 and planes on day 10 in 31 p maps. So, to help the community I have listed what are a few ways in which you might best use your own GM, or ways in which might simply be a waste of this rare and valuable coin.

    When fighting , I have many times accelerated airfields using 850 gold as a means in response to a player burning down my provinces airfields to keep my planes out of range. The concept is to build lvl 1 & lvl 2 workshops then to accelerate the airfield, which costs the opponent another 8,000 - 12,000 gold to burn down airfield again. So, you spend 850 gold, forcing opponent to spend 8,000 - 12,000.


    Calvary units > Day one in a map spending gold on 10 cav units is about 18,000 gold and would be a huge advantage.

    Instant Gold Spys > Prior to a war against an opponent , it costs 750 gold for instant spy to reveal Country information

    Reveal Armies > once at war with someone it cost 1650 to reveal all countries armies

    Healing Mech Units> Planes and ships are expensive and very cheap to heal, saving resources and time to rebuild


    > destroying opponents infrastructure/buildings

    > healing huge stacks of inf,

    > accelerating production of mech units

    Plan your own gold use, use it strategically and tactically, with knowledge that there are many players that hope or plan to win simply by using GM. Although frustrating at times, these players are not to be criticized for their use of GM, as they are supporting the game expense and keep it free for the vast majority of the players.

    If you plan properly and use your own gold to benefit your own country you can achieve greater success than to simply retaliate. I know from experience after many times fighting such players, they will quickly become familiar with you and befriend you rather than fight you while using these strategies I have mentioned ;)


    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

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  • I have a nice trick- I walk against enemy town and then stop like 30 minutes from it as I know it would be boosted with gold.

    Then I do it with a second town

    and a third

    and do not attack till I get my spies, bombers or range will level down that gold castle

    you can estimated that 5 lvls = 8500 GMs + resources that cannot be returned.

    Huge blow for someone who used gold castle

    This is one of the worst uses of gold as it basically drains you out of iron

  • Suggestion:

    Hastings TNT should include this in his post above: "I am sick and tired of players claim to be high skill and really only have deep wallets , they pay to win."

    Sometimes you have to pointed out the people you are aiming for, I don't think anyone cares what you say above. I could be wrong. lol


    No sacrifice, No victory!

  • hastings mostly covered the most effective uses of GM though I would argue that healing mech units is probably the worst use of GM in the game. it's very efficient but it's the 'lowest' most unbalancing aspect of the game. If your battleships and bombers can not be killed there's no longer much of a game and now we're just down to who will spend the most GM. It's a bit like winning a console game with the cheat codes enabled. Invulnerability is not something I actually want for my units because I want the game to have some level of challenge.

    All the golden spy options feel like cheating to me. You can get reveal all armies by paying for normal spies and getting some luck but simply buying the locations of all the enemy units sort of seems pointless in the context of a game. Not much strategy if you always know where the other guys has every unit. Same thing with reading messages. I really like the mechanic that some of your messages can be intercepted but simply buying access to my mailbox feels unbalanced.

    One thing I would change about hastings original post is that rushing mech units is not much different than rushing cav on day 1. It costs 23,000 GM to get 3 guns on day 8 or 6 guns on day 10 and either of those is nearly game breaking. normal progression to guns is day 12 hour 15 so if one of your neighbors has 6 guns for 2 days and 15 hours that you can not respond it's unlikely you'll be in a position to survive.

  • you cannot kill planes if they are operated by someone who knows how to fly them

    ofc you can destroy airfields with gms but even destroying 150 airfields could be easily countered by rebuilding them, sometimes with GMs. in general to destroy an airfield in minimal provinces you need around 8 -16 k Gms per one airfield

    to survive your opponent needs to rebuild one airfield for 850 Gms

    that is one of best ways to drain GMs rom your opponent

    there were guys willing to pay 8-10 mln GMs in 5 days and they still have lost

    you do not do flips against air marshals

  • Crazy mind but smart.

    No sacrifice, No victory!