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  • Hello

    I noticed that a lot of players has huge problems with managing empires of 1000-3000 provinces on the 500 maps

    1. I myself often finish angry as I cannot choose provinces by the region and I have to click the ones I need/un-click the ones I do not need. Would it be possible - like in NWE- to manage provinces by the regions?

    Small change but it will save a lot of frustration.

    2. Query option to exclude inland ports from building naval units- sometimes you can loose a lot of resources on the huge fleet in the middle of Asia of Africa and we do not want that. Especially if map has a huge lags counted in minutes and you cannot be bothered to spend an hour un-clicking inland ports.

    3. Option to query ie. factories 4lvl with (plus) airfields at the same time so I can make sure that I choose provinces that will produce my airforce the fastest.

    4. Possibility to highlight big number of provinces in Build queue with ALT pressed so we can remove ie all queued cavs.

    5. Possibility to query Build Queue by regions.

    6. Possibility to query Build Queue by an item build.

    I would expect at least HQ to have this options allowing me to manage my empire on a medium level.

    Or maybe special Town Hall building allowing this options to be available.

    You can also do a hybrid and give a building to non-HQ and free building to owners of HQ.

    Any way would be good as now managing empires is very problematic.

    Feel free to add you queering proposals as I just covered the ones that make problems to my war effort.

    Thank you


  • So basically you want some additional filters for the province administration, being able to sort on multiple aspects

    1st biggest factory when same factory sort of harbor level?

    and to sort the building queue by region/produced thing

    (very short)

    2. is indeed something that seems very handy but the hardest to implement.

    => Added to biglist

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  • wouldn't seem that hard to me to set a filter where you have different tags for each type of filter you want to add and then just turn them on or off on your convenience, however i'm not a developer so it may be harder than i think but it looks easy tho


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  • yeah something working like excel sheet

    Most important are region filters

    then choosing ie all Asian provinces with harbor and factories lined up from the 4th level downwards. You choose provinces with lvl 3 and 4 to produce let say BBSes, then you go below and you choose Asian provinces factory lv 1 and 2 to produce LCs.

    You are done with navy in Asia

    then you do the same for Asian provinces with factories and airfields. 3rd and 4th lvl for bombers, 2nd lvl for fighters. 1 lvl for arts.

    at the end you check Asian provinces without port and airfield- you decide where to build HT, where to build Tanks and where to build artillery.

    You build in Asia first as it is the closest to frontline with Europe. Then you may decide to build something in Australian factories if you think it is worth it and you still have resources.

    Small thing but it will change management of war effort greatly.