Resized Units: Feedback

  • Hello Frontline Pioneers!

    We recently pushed an update to our Frontline Pioneer games in Supremacy 1914 that displays units slightly bigger on the map. We would like to hear your feedback on this change.

    How do you like it on desktop?

    How do you like it on mobile?

    Please help us by specifically mentioning Desktop and/or Mobile when providing your feedback. The team is eager to hear what you think about this change.

  • Hi Dudes,

    after months of testing the new UI with bigger units I give some feedback also here.

    - Unfortunately in many cases the units are crowded and confusing the gameplay

    - It´s hard to organize your troops and give orders. Especially with more troops its more difficult

    - Switching the flags on and off does not helf much

    I would propose to make to units smaller or to have an option on them. Example could be the old Legacy Troop graphics which you can use alternative.