New RP host and new 31p RP - Cold War 1945

  • Hello everyone. I am in the middle of setting up an RP game for more casual players. It's called Serious RP - Cold War 1945.

    If you are interested,

    That is the link to my Discord server for the game.

    I just need to know how you guys edit the landshuffle maps. There were some provinces that needed to be swapped, I needed to make that clear in the map, so people would understand that.

    Anyway, if you are interested you can join and see how you like it! This is my first time trying to gather a community a people who enjoy RP's. I'm planning to be pretty laidback on the concept, thanks for helping and I hope to see you there!

  • Riddle u are so strict on me bud\

    I was angry, so I left

    Get going with strategy at first of the game, always be prepared, and win the game with an amount of skills and take the trophy up with your allies or yourself!:D:) It is just a game:!:

  • i am also here,

    please do not suggest I am a bad guy denouncing anyone as this is very low and rude of you

    I do not want to play with you, that is all.

    if you don't want to participate in rounds, then don't participate in rounds. Not my problem.

    Calling a community a "cartel" is literally being very low, rude and petty.

    If you are going to bash me and a player base by calling us a "cartel", that is not a viable route to go. I suggest you rethink your statements in the future. Oh and don't hit me with another one of your longwinded essay rants as I will no longer be participating in this childish conversation.

    "Unity and Loyalty Above All"

    My Youtube Channel is linked in the thumbnail :)


    The New Roleplayers Union Discord is linked to the Banner. Feel free to drop by and say hello 8)


  • I might suggest that any of the open 'discussions' that may be offensive to anyone, written by anyone find a different place to be written.
    If there is a problem with this suggestion, please feel free to PM me and we can discuss possible solutions to the issues.

    A half truth is merely a half lie.

  • In other words, don't air dirty laundry in public. :)

    Haha yes mate we don't have to air dirty laundry in public as it is embarrassing, we can use many [link removed] that help to wash the clothes as well as make them dry and neat and clean.