Killing artillery without actually attacking it

  • Ok. Here's the situation:

    I have infantry units in advance of a mixed artillery / infantry group. My opponent advance an infantry group on me but can't reach my mixed group because it is intercepted by my infantry units in front of the mixed group. Nevertheless my mixed group is under attack and loses both artillery units and some infantry all while being interdicted by my advanced infantry units.

    How is it possible for my opponent's infantry units to cause casualties to my mixed group? Is there some rule stating that if my artillery can cause casualties to his infantry that his infantry can cause casualties to my artillery? I thought the advantage of artillrty was that it could bombard without taking losses.

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  • Well... As you said, there was an Infantry group in front of the Artillery group. There is a possibility that your mixed Artillery group is under attack from your enemy's Rail Cannons. Rail Guns have a long attack range and if your army has no vision of them, they will remain invisible by attacking your mixed troops.

  • i think you assume that battle mechanics here is simlilar to paradox games ..where infantry is front line and artliery is in rear .. here the mechanics is diffrent artlieries have much longer range and very vaulernable you must keep them in safe distance otherwise they might get destroyed