Comment here if you want the broken XP system to be fixed.

  • I know the developers have been announcing or replying that the broken XP system will be fixed 'soon' for over a year. I'm creating this post to let players have their voices be heard and to make clear to the developers how much the players want this system fixed. It is my humble opinion that the developers underestimate how much this long broken part of the game rankles the player community.

    Do you spend money on the game and think you deserve this system that's been broken for over a year to finally be fixed? Do you think you deserve the rank promotions you have earned through hard work, cunning and commitment? Do you think the badges and awards that are shown in the profile area should actually be available for you to win? Do you think your victories that you worked so hard for should actually show up in your stats as wins rather than losses?

    If so, then please leave a comment to let the developers know that this is a significant issue to you and let your voice be heard!

    b78//+by finally fixing the broken XP system

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  • for the purposes of the game it is completely useless.

    when they fix it, well, differently, good :)

    Yes it has no impact on game mechanics, but for some of us, we like seeing our accomplishments as well as having specific challenges to achieve certain badges and medals. To each their own.

  • I agree it would be nice to have it fixed, or at least some accurate, more specific communication about the problem. It is a part of the game that provides a more immersive experience and enjoyment. I think it is probably most frustrating for new players that spend money on the game and remain locked out of many game types because their rank does not advance and that is what entry into those games is based upon.