Balloons should not be able to sea submarines.

  • Good afternoon everyone :) Balloons should not be able to see submarines unless (1) the submarine attacks something within the balloon viewing range or (2) detected by flights of fighters on patrol over an ocean sector.

    Historically the subs ran on the surface during the day and at night (balloons would have 0 visible range during night periods). When running on the day they did so while on the prowl looking for a target and when spotted would dive to attack. So if balloons can see subs all the time (which is woefully inaccurate for WW1 standards) then 50% of the game day all subs disappear from the screens unless they attack a target or if a patrolling fighter spots them.

    The other 50% of the game day (daylight assuming good weather) they "could be spotted". Even if it is daytime, the WW1 submarine running on the surface in a standard sea state is really hard to spot. You have to be looking in the right spot for a period of time to be able to pick them up even at the horizon.

    Recommend going back to the original rule to make it easier - subs are only spotted when they attack or when a fighter flight spots them while on patrol or flies over them.

    Thank you for your time. :)

  • Exactly. Submersibles in the ocean are very difficult to detect. The balloons were flying high and they couldn't detect the submarine.

  • Nah, submarines would be too op..

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  • I would like to see submarines going back to original settings when they were more powerful, therefore making the game longer and more interesting. My opinion is that this surprise factor adds more strategic and tactical flexibility and because they are exclusively for naval engagement, I dont see them as an op troops. Any decent or even low land defence can encounter 2x or even 3x stronger land forces coming from the sea.

    Submarines add a spice to strategy and tactics to this game and their main ability nerfed to this level makes them less valuable. I addressed this also through suggestions. Either lower their production cost and the time needed to produce or get the submarines their invisibility decent as it should be

    Also, do you have a problem with subs engagement with enemy troops? Usually, they have difficulty to stay engaged in battle with enemy troops. Is it a bug or a feature?

  • Submarine visibility is as it was all the years before. Balloons do not reveal them anymore. They were only briefly able to do that in a balancing iteration many months ago, but that was quickly changed again. Perhaps you are playing in a match with that older balancing iteration still in place.

    Not sure what stay engaged means. You can describe it in more detail what you do exactly.

  • On the topic of Ballons and Fighters, I'd also like to see the view range extended for Aircraft. Aircraft operate at a more significant altitude to land units, yet they have a quarter of the view to land units. It leads to a tactical anomaly where patrol also means recon, yet you're not getting the benefit of higher altitude recon.

  • Thanks game designer freezy for fast response.

    In my games I didnt have a chance until today to check if baloons can see subs. They cant and I didnt have in mind that this thread is ever since

    When it comes to subs, about 10-15 days ago I saw my subs attacked transport once, he was hit but he just kept going. He wasnt "locked in" to stay and fight.

    Usually the mechanics of battle say that when 2 enemy armies collide they fight until one army loses. That didnt happen here