Guns and Glory: 1871 Casual RP

  • Guns and Glory: 1871 Casual RP Initial Storyline

    The end of Franco-Prussian War of 1871 saw the end of French Third Empire and rise of new Great Power in Europe, The German Empire. The Hohenzollern dynasty expanded their small Brandenburg possession to one of the greatest and mightiest Empires Europe has seen. From booming industry, to one of the most advanced technology and efficient bureaucracies, they have it all. All but a place under the sun. The glorious French possessions in Africa were all but lost during the Franco-Prussian War, but the German High Command and nobility wished to expand further east, to the historic lands of Prussians. Thus they incorporated Poland into their Empire, a former French client state under Napoleon III.

    After the devastating war, Europe entered an era of peace. People started travelling without the risk of another war. Science, arts and material culture grew. Technology developed at an immense speed. Electricity industries developed, machines helped mass production of goods and raised wages, railways improved communication and overall life expectancy rose. Stability and security was at its highest. Or so it seemed. Under the curtain of entertainment and golden age, a dark shadow loomed over Europe.

    Germany, who just emerged victorious from Franco-Prussian war, was extremely dissatisfied with lack of colonies. Austro-Hungarian Empire holds its multiethnic dominion by sheer charisma of its Kaiser and could use a colonial adventure itself. France tries to rebuild its crumbling economy by extracting resources from African possessions, surely waiting for the right time to take revenge and restore honor. Russia, the sleeping giant, is a Great Power, great in everything but technology, modernization and strength. It has manpower, but lacks real means to project power. The European powers have kept it contained for centuries, but with gleaming instability, it may be the right time to show true power. United Kingdom sits quietly on its island and tries to keep the Balance of Power intact. But for how long?

    Rules (very few and very simple):

    Timeline: 1 day = 6 months

    War: 2 provinces per 5 days (It has to be roleplayed!)

    Buildings: All available

    Units: AC, Cavalry, Artillery, LC, BB, Balloon (No limit on units)

    Later units: Tanks, subs, planes perhaps even RG (not available until admin says so)

    Special unit: Heavy Tank (ONLY THREE. These are your 3 best generals. Because why not)

    We are currently on day 44 and we could use some fresh blood for the RP, which we eventually plan to end with a Great War. The war rule of 2 provinces per 5 days will be pushed for any new players so they can catch up. The nations that are opened are as following (in order of importance):

    Kingdom of Italy (Well developed, good army, 12 provinces, beginning of colonialism in Libya, good economy, no wars, lots of colonial potential)

    The Ottoman Empire (Well developed, good army, good economy, 10 provinces, short war against the French, lots of room for expansion)

    United States of America (Well developed, good army, good economy, 14 provinces, no wars, lots of room for expansion)

    Kingdom of Sweden (the weakest of remaining nations, poor economy, decent army, big Russia and Denmark on borders, few places to expand)

    The initial posted here is to get you familirized with the casual RP round, but if you decide to join up, we can fill you in on the finer details. Please do not mistake the word "casual" as if this was a regular round. We still do a lot of roleplay, it is just not burdensome on the rules and we are not in it to win it. The game is unranked. The year is 1884 and while we played for 44 days, you will not have hard time catching up.

    I have attached the current shape of the map. Hopefully some still use the forum and that we will see you in the game :D

  • There is no application form. Usually I'd require an article of sorts, but it is casual round and I do recall your name from the previous RP we've participated in (Joseph's casual 1701). So that part is covered and you don't need to worry.

    I just need you to agree to follow the rules and roleplay properly for the nation you choose. We've had some minor incidents with prior players (hence the Franco-Ottoman conflict I mentioned). If you agree to follow the rules and roleplay events, then I'd be most honoured to have you in the game.

    All I request from you is to choose a nation and give me your discord (as we have a server where we post articles with pictures, should you wish to do so). Also some players have trouble posting in DE, so they can only post in discord. Would be lovely if you joined us there as well.

    Eager to hear about your nation choice and I will fill you in on the current storyline and the main events of the nation you choose.


  • I do agree to follow the rules, and if I do something that doesn't fit the roleplay of my nation I'll gladly change my playstyle to better fit it.

    I think Italy would be the best choice for me, my Discord is InYourHeart#7397

  • Excellent and welcome aboard. I will add you to the discord and server immediately.

    Enjoy your stay and do tell your friends about the remaining places. If some of them happen to roleplay. We are fine with beginners as well, as long as they are willing to learn.

    Cheers :D

  • any plans for scenario where you can use planes as they are only reasonable counter to S&S?

    Planes, subs and tanks will be unlocked at a later date. As I mentioned in the OP, it is a roleplay round and we are all roleplayers first and foremost. We are not competetive players and we do not use much of the mechanics needed to win every battle or war. Thus, you don't need to worry much about proper counters and whatnot. We simply do not use them, do not use them extensively or don't have time to micromanage and use them :D

    In addition, the game has not yet experienced any major war or battle, as we try to keep true to the 19th century concept of Balance of Powers. If a war does happen, we try to localize it in Colonies and keep Europe safe until the Great War. Losing a few provinces here and there is not a problem as they can be reclaimed easily in another war. Also, we like to sleep and don't want to be online 24/7 as it is not a tournament. So if you do engage in a war, you can easily talk with other player to have a ceasefire while sleeping and safeguard your troops from being obliterated over night.

    We all gathered to have a great time, write some articles and enjoy the RP, eventually ending it with a big World War. We are not here to win the game and I as admin try to ensure that the game is properly balanced and that everyone entering the world war will be at same power, more or less.

    lol i will play as sweden its a good country

    Are you sure? It is in pretty bad shape :D

    But if you are interested, could you please give me your discord account so we can talk there?

  • I don't. They join themselves. We already had few players joining late in the game. I believe couple of them joined on day 30, while InYourHeart joined few days ago. So there should be no trouble in joining I guess.