Armageddon style battle

  • Hello

    Me and my cooplayer from the map decided to host on of the biggest battles in Supremacy history

    It will be soon streamed live on youtube from his and mine point of view. Not sure how long it will last but I do hope it will finish in 12 hours as I do not want to stream it for days.

    Anyways it is map #2364182

    I have consent of my opponent to show his troops for the purpose of having bigger audience.

    It would be share quality vs share numbers.

    below you can post your proposals what to test with this battle, how to approach it, how to fight it.

    if the ideas will be better than what I have in mind ( Druzus strategy) then we will implement them

    for now my army look like that:

  • how much did you wait to get all those units?

    Soldiers! don't give yourselves to brutes

    men who despise you, enslave you

    who regiment your lives, tell you what to do

    what to think and what to feel!

    Who drill you, diet you, treat you like cattle,

    use you as cannon fodder.

    Don't give yourselves to these unnatural men

    machine men with machine minds and machine hearts!

  • well i took me long time to kill everyone who did not agree with me going for the first place

    I believe units here have been built since middle of November

    but we do not count fleet here that is 2 k LCs

    oil production was the main problem, like always and even with 25 k ++ it took me long

    there is still 1300 arts and 1300 HT coming, hopefully on time

  • we were setting up for that battle royal for over 3 months

    he decided to go with tabor strategy

    I used tertios of 50 * everything + 100 infs and groups of 50 range units ( planes, arts, lcs)

    try to guess what was the final score in K/D and how long it lasted

  • first round was devastating


    1st round

    2nd round


    1st round


    first round

    rest is in the movies as there was no point taking pictures all the time .

    this is how the mess looked like

    smaller but versatile units bested big tabor stacks.

  • ok so battle finished in like 10 hours

    all enemy forces were destroyed

    I learned two additional advanced strategies

    plus 2 simple facts about fighting between huge armies

    I will have to paste ytube for that battle as I promised my opponent to make him famous as the participant of the biggest battle in supremacy history

  • Next 2 battles took place on a active map so I cannot paste them right now

    but in general first looked like that:

    there were multiple fleets of BSes, LCs and Uboots spread on atlantic and pacific. I have sent 1600 LCs to hunt them.

    In general around 100 BSes, 50 LCs and 50 Uboots were hunt down

    when it comes for land battle: over 1 000 infs were killed in scotland by 450 githers and loosign only 3 of them.

    enemy lost around 200 fighters and 80 bombers on one island shelled by LCs and in a ground fight in Manchuria. Also 14 mln troops with very weak art support were shreded by my 200 fighters , 100 bombers and 1600 arts with support of 5 000 infs.

    Another 10 mln mech stack was caught on sea by 500 lcs which consist 1 000 raw dmg.