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    When it comes to accoutns it is not stated in TOS how many people can use single account.

    I often met accounts where there were 3-5 people of different skills using same accoutn in a different time intervals and none of them was ever banned.

    quiestion is- does it mean that this kind of gameplay is allowed and not treated as violation of TOS.

    I always thought it should be 1 person= 1 account.

    can I ask for more insight into that?

  • ToS 13.4:


    The Participant is obliged to keep all access data for the game (login, passwords etc.) strictly confidential. He will promptly inform Bytro Labs if he finds out or suspects that an unauthorised third person is in possession of his access data. The Participant must not use the Account or access data of another Participant.

    It is however virtually almost impossible to proof that there are multiple people using 1 account nonetheless if proof is clear it is a breach of the ToS

  • yeah I saw that but

    1. If you allow your friend to use your account - this is authorized access

    2. Your friend is not signing anything , creating account - so he is not a Participant. He is just bypasser on your accoutn, second pair of hand on deck without his private access.

    I have never seen account with many people playing on it- banned. Probably due to lack of evidences.

  • Probably due to lack of evidences.

    Exactly it's virrtually impossible to proof. it is regarded as cheating. And if he uses somebody elses account you could argue he is on that account also an participant as he's playing the game even thought on a shared account.

  • for me IPs from different towns, bounce trough VPNs and TORs should be banned on spot as there is for sure soemthing nt right

    and a lot of people is using that to win maps or alliance games doing remote work all the time

    so solving this will help to get rid of many people on one account + remote control. Just put in TOS that using VPNs and TORs ( changing IP all the time or logons from two different places at the same time) is treated the same way as using scripts and thus forbidden.

    By allowing to use them bytro gives green light to everyone who want try to abuse TOS. At the same time you take away from GOs tools which they could use to punish cheaters.

  • So sudddenly it would not be allowed to play from work/school/friends house/...? Yeah sounds like a great idea xd that is also why we released a mobile client so you could only play from home xd

  • yep yep I saw, that is why I will probably say thank you to the game

    I had enough of multis,remote controls, and accounts active 25h/day before mobile client.

    gameplay seems to based only on activity and number of accounts supporting you. I do not believe it is a game that will attract any skilled players who can be overwhelmed by newbies anytime,anywhere, even during school hours

    thing is that if you are doing everything to loose skilled players (check how many Gods of War from years 2009-2012 stayed) - who will be a challenge for regular players? Who will be generating GMs from regulars? That is a very good question for a bytro as a company.If you can win by having more friends on map or by having couple of players sitting on your accounts- why would you pay to win? From the other point of view- why skilled player would like to pay for winning against bunch of newbies? (rhetorical question).

    I am 100% sure that guys like me are no longer target for this game. And it is sad to see such a disturbance in the force after years of faithful service.


  • Activity is important but tbh it has always been as long as e.g. shoot and scoot is a tactic it has been a game where activity will beat all.

    Multis we battle hard but it's always a losing battle simply because people will find new ways to cheat whatever you do whatever you try to implement they will find a way around it and cheat nonetheless. All things you named are against the rules but can't be locked down without harming way more honest users then cheaters. If I may be honest I suggest playing alliance maps etc. The chance a high ranked alliance is full of multies and cheaters is small their skill goes over a wide range. 500p and 100p maps are sadly doomed to attract a lot of cheaters

  • yep but I have only 1 hour per day for all maps so small maps are overkill for such an activity. Funny enough I found that only 500 maps suits my micro-activity as I have a lot of provinces to give up and plenty of time to retreat while I am doing fleet save during afk

    alliance games- it is not worth a time if you cannot make GM-free games and stop remote control of whole alliance by 1 person as I saw many times in top 30 and even top 10. Not saying about bugs like walking through enemy army without a scratch, taking forts defended by bigger force with a smaller army , ROW with AI on the first day ( my favorite), forcing other countries to give peace just before change of day using game mechanics to do that, S&S with one country left 5 countries of opponent and wining alliance game with 10 provinces and S&S single-handed :D. Nah it does not sound like skills or knowledge are needed to win. Unless you will make GM free alliance maps - then I can counter all other things with skills. I led 4 alliances to top 10 without S&S and still only three opponents were using strategy different that S&S.

    anyways- it is hard to hear that nothing can be done to make a game more skill based or cleaner from cheaters. Lets hope Rps,Tournaments and Player Leagues will prevail using harsher rules. Somehow it is easier to play tournament map even if my friend and me have to fight literally whole map ( 8 of 10 countries) . But without GMs these guys are loosing and it seems like a good approach to support skills.

    Thank you for all answers. It seems topic can be closed as nothing can be done about the issue.

    1 thing I found that helps is- kill armies while the weakest one is on his "office hours". Helps a lot :-)

  • Well I'd like to end with the note when in doubt please report our GO's will do their very best to proof the cheat. If the others were clumsy and left to much evidence we might be able to take action

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    It seems topic can be closed