How to greatly Increase Defense - Flower Defense

  • it should be forbidden IMHO

    I lost a game due to fact that enemies were able to use it - and with more numerous armies I was not able to continue asymmetric warfare os specialized troops and skills vs quantity and activity

    idea is simple- start using it and you will see bytro will ban it once more.

    I hope someone will l find a way how to counter it as i would like to know how to counter it too. I am
    betting that for some guys it was the only way to win maps so I did not want it to stay that way.

  • i really hope they ban it again, its kinda staggering that it was banned & then lost ban status. how in the hell is that something you want in your game?

  • well I do not know what was the reason for unbanning it, but because it was used by my opponents I had to counter with it too. They had no reason to use it as they were 6-7 times bigger but you know, stats are important so why to win with huge losses if they can win with min loses? Did not worked as they planned and got positive K/D against their flowers anyway.

    There is a range and melee counter to those flowers.

    quick tip- force enemy to merge flower into one unit

  • thank you GB.

    I was shown this thread by someone on discord and tried it. It worked phenomenally.

    Alliance: March of the Wolves
    Role: Officer


    Gold Rush (500p): 1 (coalition)
    World in Flames (100p): 1 (coalition)
    Team up (100p): 1
    Supremacy 1914 (31p): 1 (coalition)
    [Tutorial] The Great War (31p) 1 (coalition)

  • I reckon all your infantries in the flower formation are less than 5km apart? I don't understand how artilleries don't completely kill a flower in 1-2 ticks. Shouldn't the artilleries full attack damage be fully applied to each and every infantry stack in the flower?

  • nope, because dmg from attacker is spread between all defenders in a splash area

    so if you shoot ie. 1 unit in a bastion formation while there is bigger unit behind - this bigger unit will get most dmg while that 1 inf in front almost always survives

    combination is simple - if you have flower made of petals of lets say 5 infs enemy will almost always do enough dmg to kill 1-2 infs in every such a petal

    but if you have 100*1 units - dmg is equally divided between them . If it less than health of the unit- none will die

    so if you have 10 arts = 15 att , in theory having 16*1 infs will save you from dying, I was under fire ob BSes for couple of hours and had landing party of 400 man in a flower 400*1

    I believe 10 died..

  • In the search bar, top right, type in 'blossom' or 'flower'. This will give you a reference to any post that may include discussion on the matter at hand. It is often discussed in numerous posts. It is just a matter of using the tools available to find them.

    A half truth is merely a half lie.

  • Think this strategy can be justified if you are in a game where a player is willing to spend millions of gold. And for anyone getting upset at the fact that your using an "exploit". They wont be complaining when he's is up against someone who conquered all of south america, central america, and half of Africa on day 40 of a 500 player map with the exploit called $.

  • I find it interesting in my years of game play here that players will complain of both GM use in their specific game and of exploit use. And then do the same at the first opportunity.
    It is in our nature to compete and to win. If someone is faster in a race, better at jumping or more skilled in coordination, one tries harder to achieve the victory, knowing the deficit they may have in comparison. It is the competition we relish.
    I would suggest that we rely on our tactics and strategy to overcome these other deficits that we may have identified and not simply complain that we lost the race. Even getting in a few good whacks during a fight has a level of gratification, does it not?
    And, of course, use what we learn to OUR advantage to win the next time. That is our nature.

    A half truth is merely a half lie.

  • I was not complaining, merely providing an example to people who complain about this method. Personally I've been up against this method, came here and learned about it. Its of tremendous use. Especially when your man power is vastly outmatched. I agree with you South Paw.

  • my topics about strategies have one goal: to make sure everyone is aware of that particular strategy and have chance to respond

    gate-keeping information about the game was huge problem in the last decade so hopefully article will make a difference.

    Hopefully we wont have only chosen group of players using advanced strategies against majority of unaware players

  • does it work during the attack?

    I mean if i get attacked while offline and found the other troops already engaging with my troops when I log in can I still use this strategy?