How to greatly Increase Defense - Flower Defense

  • it should be forbidden IMHO

    I lost a game due to fact that enemies were able to use it - and with more numerous armies I was not able to continue asymmetric warfare os specialized troops and skills vs quantity and activity

    idea is simple- start using it and you will see bytro will ban it once more.

    I hope someone will l find a way how to counter it as i would like to know how to counter it too. I am
    betting that for some guys it was the only way to win maps so I did not want it to stay that way.

  • well I do not know what was the reason for unbanning it, but because it was used by my opponents I had to counter with it too. They had no reason to use it as they were 6-7 times bigger but you know, stats are important so why to win with huge losses if they can win with min loses? Did not worked as they planned and got positive K/D against their flowers anyway.

    There is a range and melee counter to those flowers.

    quick tip- force enemy to merge flower into one unit