How to .... create Doom Stacks

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    20-50 arts with lets say 50infs attached, while in front and on flanks of it is our TABOR : 200-500 infs with 2-10 mechs of other types like tanks hts balloons,acs, cavs and 1 art with switched off fire. single ,not shooting art, in TABORS r is for keeping same speed pace as arts behind so they do not go too far ahead without arty support. You need to maintain activity to stop TABOR in a safe distance from art behind.

    Such a Tabor moves slowly and waits in defensive position while enemy is trying to get to your arts.

    Arts will pound enemy from TABOR(s)'s cover which will be stopping enemy from reaching shooting arts . that is safe approach but slow

    look below

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    Changed the title of the thread from “How to .... eat AI and wekaer players” to “How to .... eat AI and weaker players”.
  • Golden Buddha

    Changed the title of the thread from “How to .... eat AI and weaker players” to “How to .... create Doom Stacks”.
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    there is another approach I call TERCIOS (former Tornado ) where you create stack spitting fire but at the same time pushing forward with aggressive fire. It does not need to much managing- Just send it forward and chose fastest ways occasionally sending cars and cavs on speed to take over empty provs ahead.

    We get 50 arts, 500 infs, 5-50 cavs, balloons, acs, & 5-40 tanks and hts. we move on autopilot with aggressive fire on. You can divide it into 2, 5, 10 smaller stacks moving one next to another in aggressive flower formation increasing efficiency of dealt dmg and reducing dmg received.To do that you need to make sure units move next to each other, on the same route but every segment has slightly different end point. This way you create something that eats enemy alive and when you use couple of those TERCIOS they can move through enemy territory on their own even but should avoid meeting stronger force which can envelop them and crush them. so the best use is to form a line of smaller Tercios that moves on steady pace through enemy area and keeps flanks of that line secured with some additional melee and air units.

  • Sorry if I am gonna ask a bit off-topic question, but I didn't find more appropriate topic.

    Are there any hidden profits of light tanks (LT) in comparison to heavy ones (HT)? I do not understand at all why people are building LT.

    HT takes 33% more time and 37% more resources to build, but gives you 50% profit in combat characteristics. So, why don't they use packs of HT instead of LT+HT mix? The only thing I can imagine, a combination of LT+HT can have some hidden combat bonus.

    Did anyone test it? Or maybe there is another explanation?

    Stating this question in a more general way: are there any units combination that can strengthen each other while using together? E.g. balloon could strengthen artillery and so on. Does any of such things take place in the game?

  • Think about this for a moment, if there were such a thing as a "Doom Stack" that was indestructible or could assure you of winning a match, that would become the goal for all matches instead of what's laid out. All units have different positives and negatives depending on what you're trying to do.

    Had a match recently where I easily killed a fighter in the water that was being used as a scout for a player. The reality is that the fighter had a bigger visual range than a balloon or an infantry unit but is very costly to use as a scout because it's so weak when discovered.

    As for the HTs vs Ts, in the beginning we used to require blueprints to build heavy tanks so now it's much easier BUT it still costs more to build and it's a player preference either way. I like to use a well-balanced army as much as possible so you will see a combination of tanks and HTs in my stacks.

  • I would suggest each situation in a map is different, and a doom stack imply's a mixed stack to do most damage and also to take least damage, chk hit points for a LT (7) compared to a HT (9) reduced build time + reduced cost is big thing for 2 less hit points....these things can also be deciphered by using damage caps and of course you are trying to always maximize your doom stacks based on what your economy can support...

    Here is link for Attack/Defense Values (Caps)…L94-ZDG1NdPnCEic/pubhtml#

    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

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  • Yes there is such a destructible combination Furry, I positioned my 50 mln in tercios and killed with it 80 mln troops loosing only 6

    and lately I had Tercios of 40 mln which killed 50 mln troops loosing only 7.5 mln

    I also had smaller doom stack on that map around 12 mlns, i killed 14 mln loosing only 0.7 mln

    so yes properly set up Tercios are indestructible but they take some loses. They are destruction tools not hit and run tools like HNR stacks. You fire them up and check in 4 hours what happened to the enemy.

  • Yes, I can see that but MOST of us don't like to play the game for close to a year or more just to get up to such massive numbers.. The alternative of course would be to GM up some of those massive numbers. Sorry, but I prefer to win the match as quickly as possible.

  • in my book experience outranks everything

    if someone cannot win battle royale for the first place in 1 vs 1 then I guess he does not deserve the gold medal

    I give chance to win a gold medal to everyone on maps where I play for medals

    I also allow others to choose the place they want to fight for - making sure ,as a referee , that game is clean 1 vs 1

    i am sure that with small stack I would also defeat anyone as it is not about numbers but about combination of troops and use of them together. For sure it is not about having more troops or sitting longer in the night

  • I recently jumped 200k in military combat score, losing 50 m in a Battle Royale, but killing 50 m + on a different map with a player attempting to steal a first place medal due to my inactivity, all experienced players have their own methods and ways of achieving their goals...

    I understand the purpose for a Battle Royal as utilizing all the mechanical units which you spend months developing a map to build such massive doom stacks to increase your combat score. Every 500 map I have played, the winner of the map, the "architect" are the ones that do the planning, the real work and the real fighting to earn the medals, the hangers on guys are usually the ones that have spent their time fighting the AI inactive countries and they get the coalition win, so I agree with concept of fighting for a medal.

    In addition it has never made sense to me to abandon all those mechanical units, leaving them to rust like scrap metal on the battle field, rather than gaining military combat score.... only to hurry off and start a new map.

    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

  • is this strategy still working, im eager to try it out but the flower strategy isnt working and does that affect this strategic also?

    always works

    problem is with fire modes - lately they are glitchy and when you send arts on the offensive fire you may finish with your arts ramming enemy forts. Not sure what is causing that but it could be Fire mode bug, huge lags on he server or simply some other user performing exploit on your army. All 3 are causing your army to ram enemy instead of shooting.

  • this is called Tabor: you hide most precious units behind cannon fodders while arts continue shooting from safe distance

    but if enemy has arts too they will shoot down your meatshield in front of tabor- so you are forced to go tercios