How to .... create Doom Stacks

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    20-50 arts with lets say 50infs attached, while in front and on flanks of it is our TABOR : 200-500 infs with 2-10 mechs of other types like tanks hts balloons,acs, cavs and 1 art with switched off fire. single ,not shooting art, in TABORS r is for keeping same speed pace as arts behind so they do not go too far ahead without arty support. You need to maintain activity to stop TABOR in a safe distance from art behind.

    Such a Tabor moves slowly and waits in defensive position while enemy is trying to get to your arts.

    Arts will pound enemy from TABOR(s)'s cover which will be stopping enemy from reaching shooting arts . that is safe approach but slow

    lvl 2

    there is another approach I call TERCIOS (former Tornado ) where you create stack spitting fire but at the same time pushing forward with aggressive fire. It does not need to much managing- Just send it forward and chose fastest ways occasionally sending cars and cavs on speed to take over empty provs ahead.

    We get 50 arts, 500 infs, 5-50 cavs, balloons, acs, & 5-40 tanks and hts. we move on autopilot with aggressive fire on. You can divide it into 2, 5, 10 smaller stacks moving one next to another in aggressive flower formation increasing efficiency of dealt dmg and reducing dmg received.To do that you need to make sure units move next to each other, on the same route but every segment has slightly different end point. This way you create something that eats enemy alive and when you use couple of those TERCIOS they can move through enemy territory on their own even but should avoid meeting stronger force which can envelop them and crush them. so the best use is to form a line of smaller Tercios that moves on steady pace through enemy area and keeps flanks of that line secured with some additional melee and air units.

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    Changed the title of the thread from “How to .... eat AI and wekaer players” to “How to .... eat AI and weaker players”.
  • Golden Frieeza

    Changed the title of the thread from “How to .... eat AI and weaker players” to “How to .... create Doom Stacks”.