Chat talk with the staff

  • The moderators try to do a lot for the community through the chat. We would like to hear from you, those that actually use the chat, on what we get right and what you feel we can try to do better. Please keep you comments relative to the chat specific topic. Bugs, reports and game related issue resolution are not the goal of this.

    The goal is give us constructive feedback that we can use.

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  • I think that there is a lot of gaps between moderator coverage of chat. Earlier today there was tons of help questions being asked in global instead of where it should be asked. I have seen in the past where people will ask the same question across all the different chat windows. I kind of saw having so many chat windows, at first, as a waste but now I see how help questions can really fill up the chat window quickly which, in turn, ruins chat for more seasoned players who like to chat.

    Also, I witnessed someone completely disrespecting a moderator with uncensored vulgar words yet he was allowed to carry on chatting. Something like this should not be tolerated and should be shut down right away. There was no reason for the player to disrespect anyone like he did.

    That's my 2 bits!

  • The first that concerns me is a moderator not responding to address the issues where the rules are being broken. I will try to address this for the future.
    As for the questions. Yeah, I too see the same questions repeated over and over, and in all chat tabs. I can say that Supremacy 1914 has experienced a rush of new players since the pandemic has effected so many world wide, and many of them simply do not know the protocol of the chat. They will learn, but new players will still be arriving to challenge us all.
    I do tip my hat to the community however for their wonderful efforts to help to direct players to the appropriate tabs, answer questions and calm the frayed nerves in the chats.
    Thanks for taking time to talk to us.

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  • Would it be an idea to reintroduce that start chat messages with links to the Manual and FAQ's? (btw if you have time I would like to talk about why the FAQ"s are not in the FAQ section? and why the broken images have not yet been replaced) that aside many chats/games have that even if they show history. it could be a message simular to the "user has been banned" message a message that shows up if you log on and dissapears why you switch chat rooms. A lot of the questions could be answered from there.

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    Questions about the game? Have a look at the manual and the FAQ's.

    Need game support? Send a ticket or contact the crew.

    Have an idea for the game? Check the BigList.

  • I recall those days of the FAQ/Rules being posted upon entering the chat. Narmer, and will inquire to find if they can indeed be resurrected from the dark places they now reside.
    I am less concerned about broken graphics issues than being able to provide information to the community in a real time situation, although it would complete the pictures being painted a bit nicer.

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  • I have made inquiries in to this. I can not, nor will I make any promises, but I do think it has great merit to continue to pursue, and I will do what I can in the capacity I have to do so.

    A half truth is merely a half lie.

  • Hi SouthPaw, Kingsman Ghost here.. I Have EPIC Relations with the Players, 7 years experience on and off, Epic relations with moderators, and Roon even follows my YouTube :D omg. ok ok, but anyway, Hastings, Furry and CuriousSquirrel, and other Moderators helped me find this forum. I would like to start out becoming a Moderator and helping the community in any way I can. I also have excellent customer service experience, as well as being able to help with issues in global chat and even making sure debates stay as respectful as possible, with disagreements or not. I can tactically assert myself when needed, and everyone knows me. I think I'd be a great candidate to help facilitate and enforce bytro's rules and, would happily be apart of the team. I actually think the grey area would look nice on me for a change. So how about it boss? :D