cheating or not?

  • Hello.

    Could some top man confirm, can I call my friend to work as feeding account for me? Seems like it's not against rules, but I just would like confirmation as I don't want to get banned.

    As example I play as French Morocco and my neighbour's are Spain and France in same coalition. Early days Spain pulled every single man away from his lands and France took over with no single shot fired.

    Next day in province was uprising and France lost 2 troops. Total 2 troops lost for all Spain's lands. So he got all his lands for free. I reported, but action is not taken. So it is legit to do it? There is no doubt or something, it was done purposely as I was watching closely and were ready to defend against them, I'm surrounded by wolfpack from same gang France, Spain + some north African countries.


  • Report both players Spain and France as multi account cheaters make sure that you take screen shots and share them in your reports (newspaper articles showing losses in wars is evidence),…dlbpiphghaielnnpgdp?hl=en Lightshot screenshot app (Chrome), or Gyazo screenshot apps are commonly used to create links for such reports... this behavior you describe is also known as "account pushing" and it is against the rules of Bytro and Supremacy games.

  • Any GO could look at your ingame newspaper and see the same stuff...

    The one that really gets me is the peace after it's done. Before that it's hard to call. People move their entire armies out to attack some freaking AI sometimes and get sweeped. I've expanded totally legitimately before in cases that wouldn't have looked much different from yours there in the paper. It happens a lot. Making peace right after the last province has fallen so there's no morale drop however is the giveaway here I think.

  • yeah definitely it was account pushing. I done first time report no action was taken, reported after 72h and with screenshots and a lot others players did report and he got banned.

    But today my report button disappeared, is it bug or what is going on? I cant report noone anymore.

  • There are privacy policies which must be adhered to according to German Law. Bytro could give you (us) a description of the Report they are responding to without revealing the action taken it is now playing several maps and possibly filing several reports in the 72 hour response time on any such report. The REPORTER never knows which report is being responded to when several reports are awaiting a response. <This is a Disconnect on Bytro's part.


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  • That is true and the privacy law excuse is really a very thin one. There is absolutely zero protected data being handled if you simply tell a player his report was valid and executed upon, including the game number for the report. Call me cynical but I believe this is just in place to make sure that nobody gets (whether rightfully or not) upset when their reports don't lead to consequences.

  • The privacy Policy is valid... as it also protects players from a nefarious sort of false accusations and 'wolfpacking' which revolves around several players filing reports against the same player to get that player banned from maps... so I understand the privacy policy, however I do not understand why Bytro does not at least give a map number or "quote" of the reporters complaint so when we receive the response we can make some sort of connection to what the response is pertaining to.

  • Well what prevents players from wolfpacking with reports now then? Just not knowing the outcome doesn't stop you from doing that at all. I mean this is a really minor thing to me but I'd honestly prefer if they just stated it's their policy and let that be the end of it instead of involving the term "privacy".

  • Can I report from website ?

    I got another player ,same story - account pushing. And he openly saying he wont get banned cos he is using goldmarks.

    Will see do they care 1-2 players or rest of the players from the map.

    I got over GM thing, but account pushing its other thing. Then at least pay money into bank.

    Cheaters must be banned not protected. Once they will get banned, will come back with fresh mindset and will most likely use more GM, as otherwise they just get all for free and no need to spend that much. If someone covering cheaters.


    Ottomans pulled every single man at very start far away from his lands, to Pakistan. Most likely through Arab lands and cleared land there for Arabia.

    Day 5 and Arabia got 53 provinces, but at very start he lost almost all his army to Hejaz. Don't know what happened in Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, but also lands for free at day 3.

  • Several report buttons have been removed. You can still report content by creating a general support ticket and selecting "Player Report" as the ticket category.

    That's the statement from the patch notes. I found that in addition to longer being able to report players from within a game, you also can no longer report messages you recieved or articles in the newspaper. Call me cynical yet again but I guess the message to take from Bytro here is "please don't bother". I like to see the good in people but reporting specific things in a game has become such a massive hassle with this change that I cannot possibly entertain the idea that this wasn't intentional to deter reports.

  • I dispute that statement. The team is not the same team that you once had he privileged of being a member. Your facts are flawed and have no grounds to give such accusations.

    I suggest you should rethink your statement

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  • I dispute that statement. The team is not the same team that you once had he privileged of being a member. Your facts are flawed and have no grounds to give such accusations.

    I suggest you should rethink your statement

    I have thought about my statement and this is my conclusion >

    Of course you would dispute my statement as you were one which had personal issue with me when I was a privileged member of Bytro Team which said "you would never touch another of my reports , not with a 10' pole" after I received a scripted "thank you" response from you and had no reference within the response to the report which I had filed... the team which is not same team, has new members in last 3 months, but nothing has changed. Now interaction with community has been compromised even more by removing the ability for players to report articles and toxic players.

    So, basically I am now getting warnings and silenced which is Bytro way, when dealing with any honest criticism. Good luck with giving away years of your life to Bytro and it's rulers in Hamburg Germany < I am sure you are good human and I have nothing personal against you,

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