• Hi all,

    me and my coalition have been defeated by players who (apparently) sat in front of the screen literally around the clock. How do they do that. Do they take turns to check the game and message each other? Or is it some more refined trick? Anything could be but I refuse to believe these people spend their lives glued in front of the screen.

    Apart from that, can someone explain to me what's the point of moving armies only one short tract of the way when the final destination is actually obvious. I've seen this done both by AI and human players. Is there actually any point in that or is it just kind of a habit?



  • I can not say anything conclusive about the first paragraph without seeing the game myself, but mobile players are usually online more often. They can take their phones to many places, including bed, and also get notifications from both game and friends (if any on the map).
    Also usually when you have less online presence than opponent, it may feel like they are online all the time, while really they are online just a bit more than you.

    In regards to second, it's just how the game works.
    You are not supposed to see literally the whole path a unit is ordered to take, unless you have shared maps with a particular nation.

  • Well paragraph one, I could go into all the various methods account sitters use and rant about cheaters, however you have a new generation of players are now playing s1914 which play maps with their phones (Mobil app) these players are like your girlfriends or anyone else under 35 which have nervous break down when they lose sight of their phone, consider these players have their phone set to PING any notifications (reports) from their s1914 maps, and how old players used to set alarm to wake up at 3:30 am to do some planned movements; with modernization of game and using Mobil app the activity level of players has increased in some segments, I would say YES, these players are online playing 24/7.

    Paragraph two you only see opponents /AI movements in general directions, display shows movement to next transition, road or next weigh point if at sea which is within your vision, it is the game mechanic.

    Good Luck , have fun, enjoy games.

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  • where is the suspected cheating agian? moving there troops around the clock?

    what will say next time you fight one of these pretty hardcore goldmarks players?

    i have known people who only sleep 2 hours durning good games and someone just said i am going to sleep now

    then wakes up later and i ask him did you just sleep for 2 hours? he said yeh .. pretty hardcore player.. the more you play the more you see

    this game is very diffcult and slow to learn but i have came across players whatever map they join they seem to turn tables

    most of them pretty heavy gold marks users .. i wouldnt complian about someone who is active around clock .. considering now supermacy is avaliable in phones aswell

  • I agree with others here, the mobile app gives players really easy access to the game. I play with both App and PC, it's sometimes too easy to have an eye on the game when I am out and about away from the PC. As far as coalition members go, it sounds like they were well-coordinated and communicating. It can be a hit and miss with other coalition members regarding time zones, work or study commitments of players. When in a coalition I usually sound out teams members when they are usually online, times they can or cannot play. I know other players in the game are watching out for downtimes as a perfect time to attack.

    Actually, you are lucky Napaloni to have such a committed coalition to battle. Most game players drop out so easy at the first sight of a challenge or because their Capital does not have Wifi.

    Failure has a thousand explanations,

    Success doesn't need one. - Sir Alec Guinness.

  • Correct: it was a very good team. We were lucky to find the right people and, in a different situation, we'd have won but, alas...

    Thanx 4 your answers. You confirmed my suspect: S1914 always required plenty of effort but now it's simply become impossible (for me and the likes of me) to compete.

    This is pretty much the opinion of all my allies (I was one of the last ones to give in, other did so sooner as they realised what this map was like) and other players in this game too. In fact, I've heard from a few people and that's the general opinion of most of them: the game is now only palatable for those players willing to spend more than significant amounts of time and money on it OR you can just enjoy the first stages knowing that you won't get to the end (that's what I usually do).

    Have fun!