Missing Features: World Bank (loans for interest), Nuclear power developement (destroy one whole province) .

  • World Bank:

    Main purpose being lending of loan to nations for interest.

    Interest should be depending on factors like: Number of countris the lendee is in war with. Higher the count, higher the interest.

    Lending between nations, with automatic repayments and in case of defaults province should be transfered ( all automated) terms of which will be agreed upon at the time of lending.

    Nuclear Weapon:

    Most powerful weapon, which can destroy one whole province. But development of which should be too costly and secretive. Like if you have doubt that any nation is developing such weapon , we can deploy Spies and discover that. And also slow the process down.

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  • As much as I like to joke about developing Nukes in the DE in my matches, we were a long way off from developing nuclear weaponry in the years 1914 - 1918. In fact, Alfred Noble was still berating himself about developing TNT and nobody even contemplated anything stronger. Now agreed, Supremacy is not an accurate historical wargame but adding things like Nukes to it would be taking it from the realm of historical fiction to the realm of science fantasy.

  • I can't imagine a loans scenario that wouldn't be abused, wherein players who are losing taking out massive loans, building up a massive army, then all out attacking. If it doesn't work, they just quit and leave the debt to the AI.

    Loans between players, I don't think, are a helpful mechanic, either. You give a massive loan to an ally, they betray and eliminate you, wiping out their debt in the process. That alone would be another tactic for multis and other cheaters.

    Seems unnecessarily complicated to create and monitor that kind of activity.

    Nukes are just completely out. Total anachronism, I play WWI so nukes aren't an option. I would rather play in the days of sail than the nuclear age.

  • Nukes. In WW1? Read what you wrote again.