Splitting armies

  • Hi,

    I have just attacked a fort ran by the computer, and i noticed that the computer has split the men inside the fort into two armies. how is this allowed, i have tried to split my men but because they are attacking the same place they just merge together, this is a little one sided, I have 63 armies, now attacking a fort, where they have split into a team of 10 and a team of 7 in the fort, meaning my attack now has a lower value.

    Not sure if the computer is cheating or if its a bug, but its an unfair advantage, considering players cannot split armies inside a fort, or when attacking, Yes you can attack from different location, but when they merge together at the attack point you cannot split them

  • Stacks will merge if all 3 conditions below are fulfiled:

    1) The stacks are very close to each other

    2) The stacks are headed to the same destination (approximately)
    3) The stacks travel at the same speed (or are not moving).

    So if you want to prevent your troops from merging, you just have to send them to different destinations.

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  • The split from within a fortress is easily done by giving half of the unit an attack order while keeping the other half idle.

    It doesn't decrease the strength of your attack, it actually increases it, since the attacking portion of the defenders are attacking without the fortress bonus.