Airporting Units.

  • Greetings,

    There is a very big discussion over the years abut airborne(able) new units (paratroopers, mostly).

    But, instead of that, and have to add a new unit, how about to add a new feature? A new feature to air transfer the units? maybe at a level 2 airport. you can (air)transfer a (stuck?) unit from the one airport to an other airport, say at a 40% of the total(=the actual road trip) time?

    I think that this is the right place to post this.

  • The idea makes sense, and a level 2 airport added to the game would make it a little more interesting, but I feel it would be unrealistic for the time period. Every regiment is 1,000 soldiers each (I believe it's 1,000, might be more.) and most planes at the time were one or two seaters. I simply don't think you would have the technology at the time to pull it off, and since a fighter planes are so expensive, it wouldn't make sense for them to be airborne at anytime. But for all I know, I could be 100% wrong. Either way, I like the idea, but so the same issue of stacking up infantry to destroy ships doesn't reach the air as well, they should be defenseless with basically no health.

  • Exactly the same. As the sea transport works.

    the unit itself would be "airborne".

    sorry I though units not loosing morale while joining ships on sea is some kind of exploit

    so I guess you can transport guys in bombers. But if it will work like on sea- you can put stack of 30 000 000 troops in one bomber and move it in a frog leaps. I am guessing such a huge stack can go around a globe in 4 days.


    1. limit the number of troops per bomber. Maybe use hitpoint factor as a constant. so tank is worth 4 infs.... then ie. you need 4 bombers to carry it.

    2. do not allow bombers to bomb while loaded

    3. maybe introduce loading/unloading time - 1 hour. So it is copy of of mechanic for loading/unloading at sea. copy 1:1 so no additional work for programmers. graphics for loaded bombers so fighters now where to attack

    5. maybe subtraction to speed and air-fight factors for such a bomber

    6. Possibility to destroy bomber and a unit on ground while loading/unloading

    7. Bonus military points to exp fo killing them, lets say air transport factor: 2x

    8. Special badge for killing transport units

    9. Introduction maybe of special addition to an airport- lvl2 maybe that allows to load/unload units and no special graphic for that ( maybe lets say blue/green airfield- just change of colour). not to much work for graphics.

    10. Limit how many jumps per day unit can do as they will get sick and so on....

    Thank you

    if you like idea put 50 k GMs on my acocunt

  • well, no. No bomber for air transfer.

    The units on the sea dont become (or turn) a ship. They just have a anchor icon. Oh, and a dis/embark waiting time, a moral penalty, a defend penalty and a speed penalty :)

    So, the "airborn" units will have just a plane icon, an un/load coolodown period (half an hour is enouph. military transport tend to be more simplified), no attack, no defence except if stacked with planes. and a speed bonus!

    a single infantry unit will travel alone, just to transfer it faster on safe ground. airport to airport.

    Golden Buddha. 30.000.000 is 30.000 infantry troops in the game, so if you can afford them , i say YES...Go for it!!

  • A similar suggestion was posted a long time ago about armor cars being able to transport infantry faster. The same reason applies to such a case.

    However the time frame around ww1 is that there were no planes big enough to transport units besides zeppelins but even than they were not used that way. It was more effective at the time to use rail roads and ships as air travel was still experiment based.

    It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. -Charles Darwin

  • Zeppelins were limited and used as a long range bombers and scouts. they were never used to transport infantry. they only had the history of transporting civilians before and after war.

    It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. -Charles Darwin