🌍🏆 Supremacy 1914 World Cup Championship 2019

  • one observation

    we took a lot of mediocre players into the tournament

    in my map I had attack 3 vs us 2 while I was fighting yet another, 4th country.

    When we managed to repulsed all 4 opponents (destroying 3) another 3 attacks us with help of remaining 1 adversary....4 vs 2 once more

    well I understand there is politics , metagame and so on but being attack by gangs of players who just run like lemmings all over the map en mass and do not leave anything behind to protect their countries. Well this is poor, very poor, on of them does not even know how to use arts and rams them into forts

    maybe it would be a good idea in the future to set minimal rank for a tournament so we avoid huge gangs of inexperienced players who see only chance of winning in a bigger numbers, not skills.

  • by the way

    when we had alliance tournament there was nice spreadsheet showing who plays where and score of players ( with country in brackets) showing changes on map every couple of days

    it was not a perfect stream but it was better than nothing

    and for sure audience was enjoying it as much as competitors because we could have follow our champion in his struggle on the map.

  • #2653520

    laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaags every 2-3 sec , lasting up to 5 secondsno idea what is causing that- for sure not units on the map,>I am guessing there is to many people logged into that map. Can someone have a look and explain me why small map with small armies is lagging like 500 with 200 million troops moving at the same time.

    thank you


  • I did hear more complaints since a recent update. I'll pass it on to the team and hopefully it reaches the developers.

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  • could you give more details on which mode you are playing with? and what device you are using?

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  • Hello,

    All of you should have received the following message;

    Dear player.

    Due to a lot of players asking us to delay the start of the second rounds from the Supremacy World Cup we have decided to postpone them. With Easter around the corner and a lot of players wanting to spend this time with their families we agree that this will be the best course of action for the tournament.

    Starting the games tonight would have a negative impact in the tournament, something we are trying to avoid at all costs. Therefore we would like to inform you that round 2 of the supremacy world cup will not start at April 20th but instead the rounds will start at April 23th. Just after midnight. Somewhere around 00.10. (we have to wait until the servers have completed the day change)

    Thank you for your understanding, and we wish you good luck in the second round!

    Signed by the Supremacy World Cup staff,

    Mr.Fleming, Rodami, El Historiador, whitetiger89, Mr.Dutch.

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  • today mighty charge of of independent players is meeting GOMA's finest in Szeged in Game no3

    I wanted to provide some nice picks from a Pickett's charge but I do not have GOMA's permission.

    Game will be decided on the planes of Szeged: 263 inf & 32 cavs vs 227 infs &6 cavs & 6ACs and fort lvl 1


    5 hours later

    118 Germans gone

    allied has advantage 106 pp & 12 cav vs 53pp &3AC &1CAV


    battle ended with total anihiliation of gomma forces

    while 2 italians where left standing and 69 spaniards with 7 cavs survived to finish off hungary