(unofficial) survey: improvements to be made to revamp

  • Legacy will soon disappear and there is no stopping this. Since some changes to the revamp are likely to be made before it does, it is a good time to let the Devs know what needs to be changed about the revamp (new UI/user interface). This small and UNOFFICIAL survey has been set up to better identify and asses the issues the community has with the new UI and to point them out to the developers.

    Please fill out the small survey. It is not required to answer every question.


  • This is the time

    This is the time now, not when it came out, or during the short beta stage, or the two years since. Now is the time. Anyone who had been letting the devs know what they thought needs to be changed at any other time was simply mistaken. Bytro's interest in its player's opinions just happens to be confined to very specific moments in time. We should all be much more understanding of that. (Well I guess it's "inofficial", so inferring that is actually not exactly fair. You struck a nerve with that phrasing though, sorry.)

    Anyway, thanks for the survey, I'll obviously participate. Don't want anyone to say I didn't try.

  • Since Legacy will be discontinued and since it is likely that some changes to the Revamp will be made before it does, it is a good time, a suitable moment, to do an unofficial survey, ok. Altered the introduction.

  • Probably it could have been set up significantly better, but something had to be done quickly indeed. since this is the time

    I hope the survey does not point out that no improvements are (badly) required, due to lack of participants.

  • Personaly i hate legacy to stop. I do understand the reasons though (yet the fact new players since 2018 can not use legacy was a writing on the wall they wanted to get ride of it as numbers not able to use it there for not using it would steeply increase and in time (2 years) outnumber the legacy fans)

    The fact we try to move the developers to move the new version more to legacy might not do wonders we do try

    we are here mostly for the players as link between bytro and the players. This however does not mean we can do miricales (ony on all hallows eve when we turn to super witches and vampires) we do try.. we do

  • - people need to see every single unit no matter how big flower is

    -people need to be able to put troops on the edge of the shore without embarking into the sea

    -all HC options should WORK!

    -no game lags lasting for 20 - 900 seconds

    -no lags because of switching to spy mode

    -no cancellation of action due to server lags ( I already lost 3 gold 500 medals because of that 'feature')

    - better visibility of troops in stack

    - no issues with fire modes which cause arts and ships to ram into enemy stacks

    -one click reports of users and articles without forcing players to make 9 clicks before they are able to start writing report. we already have thousands of multis, sitters, trolls , wolfpacks and toxic people so why to help them avoid punishment?

    - fix path finding for both Rally Points ( so they do not lead via neutral and enemy countries) and regular troops as it is broken and do random snaps to province edges

  • As my dear mother used to say, "If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all."

    So my take on what's happening with the game regarding all the updates for the last 6 to 8 months is: ...s i l e n c e...

  • Good initiative. As I can see, this survey address the exact things I have problem with in revamp, so I guess we can rather all agree about what should be changed (or rather be reverted) to make the game as playable as the legacy.