Planes on sea.

  • I am at war who's prepairing to land in my country. I revealed his armies and found some undefended bombers heading to my subs. I ordered my subs to attack.

    The player probably detected my subs, because they were heading right into my subs and now its retreating with forced march. Is it because he revealed my army (espionage or GM) or it's because planes can detect subs on sea?

    I know that planes have a little different vision on sea than infantries. Planes can reveal the army from further, but the infantries can only detect it, with a question mark. But can the planes detect submarines:?:
    (Sounds a bit dummy. I know.)

    All answers will be appreciated.

  • Oh didnt read it well then, thought it was about bombers/fighters on land. You are totally right Hastings, fighters nor bombers can detect anything when they are themselve on the water.

    Fighters only can detect subs when they are patrolling from the land.

  • I would refute the concept that any planes swimming can detect subs, fighters must be patrolling in air to detect subs I have not tested this but would say it is not possible if fighter is "swimming on water"

    I've experienced this. Was transiting a fighter from England to Greenland and detected a sub in the water south of Iceland.

    Detection also works during an attack, so you can reveal troops in a fortress by attacking it directly with fighters.

  • That wasnt the case here. Because the planes were retreating with forced speed. So they couldnt be in direct combat. With direct combat you can reveal a sub, with all kinds of units. And indeed by attacking a fort with fighter you reveal troops in a fortress.

    But when fighters are swimming, they cant patrol, so cant see from distance subs.

    In this case it had to be spies who revealed the sub