Pre-game coalitions

  • "Should players join a game with the intent to influence the outcome and aid Player X will be considered Wolfpacking"


    If I am about to win another 500 and I will look publicly for 3-5 players to support me in exchange for a coalition victory- is it wolfpacking.

    Ofc we will set up everything before game, divide roles, countries, areas of expanse and when prepared we will join a map 500.

    How to gather a group without breaking the rules?

  • Playing as a team from day 1 in an individual game is not honest imo

    Easy solution: when creating a game, use the game comment to make it 100% clear you are a group that will play as a team? Nobody can claim it was dishonest then?

    Basically you are starting a team game then.

    Even better choice: invite other groups to enter your games as a team aswell, to have some healthy competition

  • why not? that mainly Alliances to are for play together maps, most hard chalange is make a 500 map were have a end war us 2 coalition fighting each other.

  • if the group plays normally is not considered wolfpacking

    if the group joins to harm a user, is wolfpacking

    if the group joins with the purpose to assist 1 of the group and not to play by themselves, it's wolfpacking


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  • Ethics? Fair play?

    explain how is not fair play in a 500 map if join 2 coalition to make end war is 14 out 500 means you have 486 againt you. A Alliance can max 40 ppl in it so not even 50% are in the map. The most war against active players in a 500 map that I had was against 29 active player fight what my coalition of 7 I start call unfair why? no is fair is strategic game if want some you playing wrong game. This not same city were build up this strategie/fight and take lands and use army to do that. If build only arty don't cry if have 0 in end of they day and call unfair unfair just because you don't know mixt your units.

  • Any standard game that is entered by a premade alliance, even it is only 2 persons out of 500 is unfair.

    It gives you an advantage that is not available to the other players who do not have such an advantage.

    That not true, a lot ppl play what friends maps you call that also unfair? Is you decision if go solo in a map or what friends.

  • of course it is a personal decision. A decision to uphold the basic rules of of fair competition or not.

    You clearly decide to prefer easy wins over a fair contest

    IT is not a matter of right or wrong. The game allows your vision aswell. So your opinion is just as correct as mine is.

    Mine just happens to be in line with the olympic thought of fair play.

  • This sums it. If you join a map only to support or destroy one player it's wolfpacking. premade alliances are not under wolfpacking. Wether it's unfair to others is a topic for discussion but if all can do it even with your supremacy friends and not rl friends, I wouldn't claim it's unfair. It's a way of enjoying maps with friends.

  • 2 years ago there was a limit :up to 3 ppl joining together were not considered wlfpacking, everything above - was wolfpacking.

    I noticed lately that such a limit does not exist any more. Wining 500 in more than 2 people is very easy because of no trade limits between them and that means they can focus resources on the most important border. Same with switching machanic units for doing S&S and other war movements when one goesto sleep and another wakes up.

    Advantages are not unfair but are unbalanced. I myselfplayed always alone and lately asked 1 friend to join. We won both 500 without any troubles, getting along 1-2 additional supporters from the map.

    Maybe I will write more about it in separate topic as a proposal of changes. FOr now thank you for an answer. I guess we can close my topic.

  • 2 years ago there was a limit :up to 3 ppl joining together were not considered wlfpacking, everything above - was wolfpacking

    Was also before maps counted 100's of users, however the EN server even 2 years ago inforced it as "joining late game to support or destroy a user" other servers did indeed inforce a hard limit.