🌍🏆 Supremacy 1914 World Cup Championship: Rules & Application

  • The honour system never works for GM spending, mis-clicks and sneaky clicks - doesn't matter it's all an advantage. When the ability is already available to the Devs to create a game where it is impossible to spend GM it is beyond me why they don't just do that. Fairer all round.

  • Coalitions should have been disabled, but they aren't. Our mistake, we noticed it after the games had started so we couldn't create the games again with coalitions disabled. But that doesn't mean we allow them, so if we find them we will delete them.

    Having multiple alliance members in one game was a topic of discussion. In the end our resources, our staff options and, as simple as it may be, our time we decided not to go that way.

    As this is a event organized by the voluntary support staff we had to make decisions in what we find most important for the tournament. Nevertheless your feedback has been noticed and valued. We'll try to work on this in a feature edition of this event.

    Community Support

    Supremacy 1: The Great War | EN Main Administrator

    Supremacy 1914 | NL Moderator

  • gotta question though

    I saw your wrote you could disabled coalition on the map

    Are you able to influence a map itself - all option, countries, provinces, to which country provinces belong?

    If yes - how do you do? scripting or some kind of game engine GUI?

    I would like to create one event map but I am not sure what we can when it comes to modding.

  • Guys, for my surprise i woke up today banned from the game #6. I was in the France and after all the struggle i made to be alive (some players on the game can confirm that) i woke up with the game open and the message saying i was banned from the game, the message from Mr Dutch sayng it was due to Goldmark usage.

    Maybe i slept with the phone on my hand and clicked on the GM button i don't know (the only explanation i found), fact is how i will know what happened, i just want to know where the GM was spended, maybe it was some nonsense use of it, proving that it was unintentionally. How i will prove that?

    Why Bytro don't block the use of GM in games like this?

    If i can't get back to the game, stay alert, don't sleep with the game open, just stupid to get out of the game like this. :rolleyes:

    Ps. Sorry for the bad english.

  • I'll send you a private message..

    This event is not organized by Bytro Labs themselves. We, voluntarily crew. have taken the time to organize and host it. Therefore we do not have the options to disable Goldmarks, but only provide regular gold checks. You have been informed via our support software, please continue it there and not in the public forum.

    So, as we do not discuss any bans in public we won't do it with this one either. Any message posted which will continue the discussion of bans will be removed.

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  • Thanks for the atention and informations Mr.Dutch, i just want to make it clear to the other players that i was not cheating in the game. I made friends in that game and don't want they to think that i am not trustworthy. I just spied on my own country. My mistake.

    GameID - 2653492
    Currency - goldmark
    Action - Expert Spy Mission in Strasburg Country Information
    Amount - 50.00 Goldmark

  • Possible GMs

    forts lvl 4.5 go downs to 2 in one strike without any information in the newspaper below 1 hour

    game nr 2653520, town: nancy

    can we check that as I do not believe it is possible while any other kind of dmg is present in our newspaper

    I would be happy for quick check as my ally is dying there

  • Hello,

    I've just checked everybody in your map, and 1 case came up. This player has been banned now. Nothing to be found regarding to the fort.

    Please use the report function in your map next time. The information the system adds in the tickets helps us out.

    Community Support

    Supremacy 1: The Great War | EN Main Administrator

    Supremacy 1914 | NL Moderator

  • alrighty, I was not sure how to call GM use while I have permban on chat


    reporting the user and so creating a ticket


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  • same with me


    I was going to bomb AI with my LC and instead of speed march I pressed +10% morale for already dead LC (it had 10%, now 20%)

    what should I do with this LC? I am not using it to attack other players for now but tell me what to do with it