Experienced Player Looking to join an active fun loving Alliance:)

  • I have played this game for quite a while and was looking for a group of players that I could play with.

    I would also like the alliance to have some experience/know how to play the game. It is frustrating when you watch your teammates charge forts with unknown troops in them or simply do not work as a team.

    I'm English speaking and play casually/seriously<3

    Looking forward to replies!

  • Care to form an alliance?

    We could slowly recruit more players?

    I restarted this game last week after a looong break (2012?). Andwill not become obsessed with it as in the past.

    Played single tournament semi finals back when they organised them.

    but after being too vocal, admittedly i did voice my opinion in a crude way, about anti-gm issues i lost my main account.

    got a bit de-motivated then

    so currently planning to enjoy the game for what it is. But not planning to start more then 1 game a week.

    and even then, my job will not allow me to crazy ;)