Dominion Maps and inactivity in general

  • One thing I would really like to see initiated is some kind of limit to when someone can return to a game after they have gone inactive. This is particularly important in those maps where home cities cannot be attacked such as the Dominion maps.

    It is far too easy for players towards the end of a map to change the outcome simply by reactivating the game and attacking players who after weeks have trusted that those borders are safe. Sometimes they receive, messages from losing players to come back and help them (a form of wolfpacking?) or they are just the kind of player who like to cause misery to others after months of hard fought battles.

    I appreciate some people go away on vacation and cannot log the game so do not want to lock them out but I would say after 3-4 weeks of inactivity we are getting to the point they should not be able to log back in other than as a guest to watch.

    I have played a number of the Dominion maps now and in all but one of them players returned weeks later to hit other players from behind and as they are able to use long range weapons from the protection of their home cities those being attacked are helpless to do anything as they cannot fight back.

    The feature to not allow home cities to be attacked is fine until it allows this inequality. Players should not be able to attack from behind an invisible barrier stopping all retaliation - where in any war ever was this possible?

    So I am really suggesting a couple of changes

    1. After X days of inactivity player are unable to return as an active player to maps

    2. In Dominion type maps ranged weapons in home cities cannot fire outside of the home base but must first be moved into a position that will allow retaliatory strikes.

  • 1. I do like the suggestions. It's indeed annoying if a border that for weeks was inactive suddenly returns to enter undefended territory. Offcourse you could say that you should always be prepared but after day 14 users can't join a map anymore so I'd suggest 14 days could also be a limit for rejoining a map.

    2. Also this sounds logical it is a complaint You can't defend against it WHile he can still rebuild his army even if they can't fire outwards till you can fire back. So sounds logical to implement

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  • Indeed, I've recently received a complain from a player about that issue. Although I agree with some inactivity limit, I think the Dominion map shouldn't be modified in nothing more than that limit.

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  • i was playing on the latest domination (ice n steel),
    the 1st player of the map was about to loose. He send some message (i guess) to an old inactiv player (since day2-3, we were day 40). That one came back into the game and gave him an alliance pacte, throwing his troops on mine. I don't even know if they knew each other, may be not, but that kind of move should not be allowed. I agree with ya all. A limite should exist, at least in the dominion map, and even more on the mesopotamian one