• I need definitive answer about Medals in 500p maps

    If you are in a coalition do you get medal and also coalition win, or does the coalition win negate the medal?? I have no problem sharing a coalition win with competent generals in a map, but not if it means I must sacrifice my Medal.

    Please someone from BYTRO Staff give me definitive answer which I can use if I do not receive my medal....

    Thank you , Kind Regards Hastings TNT

  • You'll get a coalition victory on the counter.

    The first three players get the medal for winning a 500 player map (independent of the coalition membership).

    If you play the team mode scenario on the 500 player map (250 vs. 250) all active members of the winning team will get the alliance victory medal but the leading players won't get an extra medal.

  • right we have a map

    enough points to win

    but we want to do battle royale for first 3 places before creating winning coalition

    500 map: if i am 1st, Rob is second and Mike is 3rd and we will create winning coalition which medals will I get with Rob and Mike

    is it the same for all maps?



  • You'll get a coalition victory on the counter.

    The first three players get the medal for winning a 500 player map (independent of the coalition membership).

    If you play the team mode scenario on the 500 player map (250 vs. 250) all active members of the winning team will get the alliance victory medal but the leading players won't get an extra medal.


    verification - i would be glad for very very very swift answer what is happening as it is over a week since map is finished and I know I will lose that medal if I will not solve that in 2 weeks from end of map, as it happened two 2 gold medals on 500 maps.

    I changed nickname lately from Golden Frieza to Golden Buddha so maybe that is messing with bytro circuits

    0 silver medals - pic 1

    2nd place - pic 2

  • Hey GF,

    So i've been asking around.

    For the 500 map you've played the following rules apply:

    When the game ends, the systems will firstly check if a player is in a coaltion. If the player is, it will be excluded for any medal reward. If the player isn't in a coaltion AND ended in the top 3, it will get the medal according to the place he ended at (1,2 or 3).


    If player 1 and 2 are in the winning coalition, while player 3 is not. Player 1 and 2 will be awarded the coalition vicotry, while player 3 will receive medal for ending third. Player 1 & 2 do not get a medal.

    I just checked your game, and you had been in a coalition on that map. Therefore you have not been granted the medal for second place.

    I hope this makes sense.

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  • yeah I was in coalition because I was said I will get top 3 medals anyway

    I also did not know that medals in maps are awarded till day 360 - this is how I lost two gold medal from 500...

    not saying there is lot more things that are not stated while they should be as people are putting a lot of real time ( worth millions of $) and real money ( wort thousands of $) on stake to win a medal and then they are , I would say, 'robbed'.

    If we can- please add to map descriptions and to tutorial info about medals. that is the most important thin in that game- to win medals so info should be available to everyone at hand.

    Thank you


  • I need to write here also as there seems to be some differences in answers.

    I just finished 500p speed map in which I was part of winning coalition and I did get 1st place medal, please see pics 1 & 2.

    Picture no.1


    Picture no.2


    This medal was from latest 500p speed map I played.

    I have other medals also which I have received from gaining coalition victory in 500p maps.

    So to sum it up answer that Boris gave seems to be right and later answer here seems to be wrong, this is not really good that reps for the game give two different answers.

    Please do communicate with each other what is the correct answer and give only one answer no need to confuse people.

  • Agree with Tomi, seems mix messages going on from what STAFF Members Boris and Mr.Dutch are saying, also topic seems to be 500p maps, so in my experience I thought perhaps there were different rules specific only to 500p maps.

    I have not won or been in top 3 in 500 map, however I have won and placed in 100p maps and also got Medals as well as coalition credits. I initiated this thread and over a week ago, asking for clarification because I am in such a position now in a couple 500p maps, and I am hesitant to lose a 500 Medal after carrying others in these maps (I have several coalition wins but have no 500 medals)... presently I am still confused on what is really going on with this issue and why are STAFF members sending mixed signals?

    Am I supposed to rely upon new Moderator (Keji Gima) post 3 hours ago , or Boris and Mr.Dutch whom have served and played this game for years?

  • Hello,

    you can really trust me. My provided information is correct and has been verified by Bytro.

    I'll test and assure that medals of the first three places are correctly awarded to the players.

    If someone (ACTIVE) doesn't get a medal (being one of the three leading players) he/she should write a ticket and I'll check the case (use the subject. "Please assign this ticket to boris.de").

  • is it possible to receive golden medal

    I was told by every moderator and player that I will get medal winning the game. noone ever said or wrote something abotu rule of 360 days. This is why I asked about case below months ago I was told it was due to inactivity while in rea lit was because I passed 360 day. back then it was possible to check that I was already able to win at day 360. But because I ws given wrong information many times I was not able to lead that issue properly

    If i had known I cannot win medal after 360 day I would had finishing it with my friends on time. Funny to say _ i should have checked my ally milcoll73 who had 3rd place and never got medal but I trusted in bytro words..

    Now after months, when I lost 2 gold medals like that, I would like to ask if I can get back at least one , because I never though I can lose medal so I have not took screens from the first 'taken away' medal. disinformation led to this kind of situation and only months later I learned that I was wrongly informed after I lost third medal. I blame completely people who were advising me on behalf of bytro as I had no way whatsoever, till today, to know how to get medal and what happened on the map below. for 453 days I played unaware I will not get a medal.

  • Hi GF,

    As we discussed yesterday, this is being investigated so we can work out what's happened and why.

    As soon as this has been looked into you will be informed.

    Kind regards,



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