Supremacy 1914 - Live Release and Beyond

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    Dear generals,

    we are happy to announce that the new version of Supremacy 1914 will go live for all players today! This release marks the first of three milestones for the next step in the evolution of the game. Today's update hints at the things to come by featuring a completely reworked community area, a beautiful new map view and an exciting new 3D rendering technology!

    While you explore all the new features, we would like to share our long-term vision for the game with you as well: In the next step we want to go full cross-platform with S1914, finally bringing the game to Android phones later this year, followed in early 2019 by iOS devices and leading PC gaming platform Steam. The third and final stage will be reached in mid-2019 with a major content and feature update. It will finalize the game’s rebirth in the version which we call the "Supremacy 1914 - The Great War" update and make the game ready for the future.

    The S1914 community has been loyal to our game for a very long time. With the upcoming features we want to reward your loyalty and give the game and its players all the love they deserve. This is why we also encourage you to give feedback to our plans and - more importantly - to today's update. We are still tweaking many aspects of the new look and are ready to hear your feedback. So don’t hesitate to get in touch via the forum, chat or through our support ticket system. If you encounter problems with the new map view you can still access the old view by clicking on the "play in legacy mode" button in the game details.

    We are really excited about what lies ahead of us. If you are as well, head over to the Google Play store and pre-register for S1914 Mobile today!

    Your Supremacy 1914 team

  • It looks great - but it makes the game a lot harder to play. Harder to spot big threatening enemy stacks that need dealing with for example.

    Please don't disable the 'play in legacy mode' option. That mode is good for gamers - which is your customer base, right?

    Keep the new mode for those more interested in eye candy by all means...

  • Hello,

    Despite the fact i have a good computer (MSI GL62M 7RDX) and a good network connection, the map of the bug is still frozen while the ancient was fluid and withouth any problems.

    The discussion tab is fluid too.

    The only issue i have is your new map which it seems to be not totally optimized.

  • Usually that is cause by bad graphics drivers, for others while Bytro works to get it to work better there is also the legacy option this can be found here:


    If stuff don't work feel free to use it while bytro works on fixes

  • The new UI is very hard to play in!

    Everything looks the same color.

    Icons are small.

    I can't understand borders.

    I can't understand if my armies are stopped or moving.

    I can't understand if my armies are in a city or in a road.

    I can't understand where my armies and enemy armies are moving from/to.

    The legacy mode has way more contrast and everything is easier to see.

    The only thing good about the new UI are the technology used and the interface options' placement. Everything else: color, contrast, size, positioning, mechanics, is way worse!

  • Long live legacy mode.

    Remove will bring player base you have a time to almost 0:) think about it.Because I 100% will retire from game if that mode is remove and are a lot more players think the same way.

    The graphics are better on the new but that all.The rest you see in old mode better also for Youtube videos.

    Have a nice day.


  • I don't think the new UI will bring the player base to 0%.

    I count and I like the new UI.

    It has nasty bugs and is a Ram hog.

    If they can clean up the Ram usage then more players will be able to enjoy it.

    There is many forum threads with suggestions.

    Bytro tends to listen to most of them.

    I will forget the wheel just for that sentence :D

  • Mobile version will be better in new UI. Just give them time to clean the version up and 100% will retire will never happen firstly because only a few actually say they'll leave and most of them bark louder then they'll bite onces the new version is finished and cleaned

  • Dear Supremacy,

    While I am sure that people worked hard for this new version, I really really really am displeased with this update. Looking at other comments, I agree with everything:

    I can't tell what the boarders are

    I can't tell where my troops are, if they are in a city or not

    I can't tell what kind of troops I have

    The graphics eat up TONS of my internet and slows my computer down

    While the graphics might look cool, I am sorry, but they are useless

    I can't figure out how to move my stuff around

    I am only able to play in the legacy mode and if that goes away, I am sorry but I will be leaving this game. I have only been playing about 2 years and I really enjoy this game. Please change it back to the legacy mode. Please don't take away legacy mode. I am beyond frustrated with this update.

    If it isn't broke, why are you trying to fix it???

    A frustrated Squirrel

  • Similar to a lot of the people in Supremacy, I am finding it very difficult to play the game in this new graphic intensive environment. I'm sure if I were to go out and spend 5K for a gaming computer, it would be fine, however I have no plans on doing that.

    The 3D graphics look great and I'm sure the developers spent considerable time and effort in getting things looking so good, however, sacrificing playability for moving water is not the way to go.

    Like other people here, I STRONGLY urge Bytro to continue with Legacy mode being available because I guarantee if that mode goes away I shall close my account. From a business decision I realize that Bytro is trying to encourage new users to join but it might be wise to consider how many users will be lost IF Legacy Mode is abandoned.

    Once again, PLEASE do NOT abandon Legacy Mode.

  • Hi,

    I am very disappointed with the new design. It does fit for some kind of games, like a space strategy or similar, but unfortunately this game lost the atmosphere. The old design fits more in a WWI game. The water looks great in the new design but I don't care if it is a solid color, because in that case I can simple follow my units. The pin mode in old design was so simple, that it was very easy to follow in any hard situation even on the greatest map.

    I spent lot of hours with the legacy design I liked it very much, but I wont spend any hour with this eye candy but hardly playable thing. I know it does not matter for bytro but today they lost a player again.

    RIP good old style

  • Mobile version will be better in new UI. Just give them time to clean the version up and 100% will retire will never happen firstly because only a few actually say they'll leave and most of them bark louder then they'll bite onces the new version is finished and cleaned

    I think this is the whole crux of this issue - Bytro want a slice of the mobile market and will butcher a great game to get it. Your current user base are PC gamers, sure some may also play on the mobile platform but will they play supremacy that way? I for one cannot imaging trying to play a game with so much involved as Supremacy has, on a 6" screen, the only way to make it playable will be to cut down much of the interface, make it a game that can be played by prodding on a screen. I've seen other great PC games move to the mobile platform and I have watched 90% of their existing player base leave. It's sad to watch and when it's a game you have enjoyed for years very disappointing. However as Bytro moves on with their pretty new graphics we will also move on to other games.

    More than happy to wait and see if the new look is cleaned up enough to be able to play but as it is if legacy goes I, and many other will be forced to leave - not choose to but if we simply can't play the game any more then our hand is forced.

    Make the game playable and I am sure large numbers will come around but right now, as it is now the new look is not one that we compel people to stay nor I suspect attract new gamers either.

  • Make the game playable and I am sure large numbers will come around but right now, as it is now the new look is not one that we compel people to stay nor I suspect attract new gamers either.

    I totally agree and don''t worry I'm not totally pro a mobile version if you remember my reactions about it on the old forum. The issue is that the modern day youth is more mobile then PC bound. Probably this is an effect of whatthey saw on CoW. But I totally agree and bytro does too that they have a long way to make the new mode win your hearts, and by win your hearts I mean fix the issues the community faces with it.

  • small contribution

    I have 2 500s where I am not able to move single unit in a new UI

    we have dozens of millions soldiers in armies and it is impossible to play it with new Legacy

    I am staying with older version as it is much lighter from what I see for supremacy servers.

    even on my machine it is seen that processor usage for Legacy is 2-3 times higher, peaking to 35% sometimes

    and RAM usage is substantially higher than for the older version

  • So my coalition just won a game and I have a slight complaint....

    I have gotten use to the home page layout thing with this update, but....when you receive a medal, it doesn't pop up when you log into the game!!! I loved getting that surprise upon logging in! Now I have to go to my medals and check to see when I have received a medal by clicking on them - I don't like this.

    Please bring back the feature of the medals/awards/achievements popping up upon log in! please!!!!!